Natham Parameshwaramangalam Temples (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

After Thirupuleeswarar & Vaikunda Perumal Temple, my next stoppage was Sri Kanakambikai udanurai Sri Kailasanathar Temple. This was built by Nrupathunga Pallava, in 9th C CE. This temple is in 2 parts. 
The first part we went to was in the village of Parameshwara Mangalam. This is located in the middle of Palar river and is built on a high rock. There is no ambal here. Only Shiva Lingam is present. However sadly, the present structure is totally new and while renovation, a new Ambal has been kept here. There are shrines of Nandi, Navargraha are present here.
And whoever renovated also has built a bridge from Palar's southern bank to the temple. There isn't much of Nrupathunga structure left out. Its all completely new. 

However the scenic palar from the high rock looks great though. 
The second part is called Soundarya Nayaki samedha Champakeshwara temple. Its located a few kilometres away in the village of Natham. Here only the Ambal was present. However in a later period, a Shiva Lingam was also kept here. 
The Nandi outside faces away from the temple, waiting for the Shiva to return from the middle of Palar!!! 
Presently renovation is going on and the sculptures are scattered outside. The dwrapalaka does look pretty early. 

The section of the Simha Thoon has inscriptions all over, on its mane, back completely! 
The Ambal here has a Lakshmi form, standing on lotus. The pillars inside looked like the Greek Doric Pillars. There were sculptures of Rama Lakshmana Sita, Aghora Bhairavar, Surya, Sani etc.

Its said that the temple was built by Parameshwara Pallava. However since the temple was a granite structure, the present structure must have been built later on. in the next 1-2 centuries. 

Unlike the regular temples, which have 5 shrines on the surrounding walls, this one has 7. Those were of Bikshadanar, Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Lingothbhava, Brahma, Durga and Harihara. I loved the Durga so much. She was an epitome of beauty. So ofcourse, I'm putting up a special post about just her, soon... Wait n watch!!!


On Google Maps: Kailasanathar Temple, Champakeshwara Temple

Ph. no. of the priest of Champakeshwara Temple: Mr. Balaji - +91 99436 52273

Dedicated to Gopu, Siva, VSS


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  3. photos blog very nice
    but Only Shiva Lingam is present this not correct in this temple kanambhikai udanurai kailasanather temple
    so ambal also is there


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