Newspaper Features and IBA Nomination

As I said in the last post, a traditional Kerala recipe written by me, was published in The Hindu Newspaper on 28-Jun-2013. Here's the actual scan of the newspaper feature on Kaavathu Poduthooval. The complete version of the recipe can be read in my last post. Click image to enlarge and right click & open in new tab to enlarge image further.
More recently, a review of this blog, My Travelogue was written by Mr. Makarand Karkare in the newspaper Maharashtra times on 14-Jul-2013. This is in Marathi Language. Somehow Google translate doesn't translate this page!!! Here's the scan of the newspaper. Click image to enlarge and right click & open in new tab to enlarge image further if you can read Marathi.
On the other hand, Indiblogger has just announced the Indi Blogger Awards and this blog, My Travelogue has been nominated in the Travel category. Don't forget to drop by and share your thoughts and testimonials about my blog...


An ardent traveler by passion. Being an ex - Art History Teacher, my area of interest especially lies in Nature and Heritage. Visited 85 UNESCO World Heritage sites as of June 2022. I've been listed among the Top 7 Women Travel Bloggers of India, Top 50 in UK. I have been interviewed in a couple of TV Shows, Radio Channels and Events as well. Read more about me and read the testimonials of different brands


  1. It's very good to see that your efforts are being recognized. Wishing you all the very best for the indiblogger awards :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Good news... keep up the good work. and may more such laurels come your way....

  3. Congratulations Bhusha!

  4. Congratulations! Many accolades at the same time! you desreve it

  5. Creating an interesting and informative Travelogue, writing a Fashion Blog, riding a motorcycle {:)) and now cooking recipes, is there no end to your talents Mitr. Well done.

  6. Thank you so much everyone!!! :)


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