Srirangam Musings (Trichy - Tamil Nadu)

Well, this post wraps up the Srirangam series and this is all about the musings on the trip! Remember I already mentioned about the 'Turkish' Fish Spa in Cauvery! Btw, below pic is  of me getting off the river, carrying the entire huge skirt of the traditional outfit of Tamil Nadu, Pavadai Davani! Lolz!

Cats were everywhere just beyond the 4th compound wall of Srirangam - the wall beyond which is purely only temple! Actually there was a mom cat and some 6-7 kittens!

 I shot this pic at night, when I went for Tirumanjanam (making the Lord, sleep) and returned by after 10 at night and shot this kitty at that time. Somehow the lighting in this pic, reminded me of Rembrandt's paintings!
The beautiful flowers tied up as strands and circles, ready to Lord's decoration!
Btw, travelling within the temple is especially made easy for elder citizens! Thanks to these recently introduced cabs!!!
The best part of Srirangam was food!!! Food at the Prasadham counter was so yummy. Esp. the Puttu (sweetened rice powder) and Puliodharai (tamarind rice)... Another factor, of what made food so special was this hotel in Srirangam called Sri Ragavendra Annapoorani Homely Mess. Its run by V.Gopala Iyengar & Family. Here's their 0431-2432001; 9442040606. Make sure you have food there. Food is simple south Indian but very very yummy! Its very small and can accommodate only 12 people at a time. But the wait to eat is absolutely worth!!! How cute is this message on the board, outside the hotel!!!

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  1. Good series. The cab looks good, probably we can do a pradakshanam around the Temple using it :) Last time I went to Srirangam, I took photos of the Gopuram but did not go inside the Temple or explore other places, like you did. But next time, I should do it. Thanks for the mess reco. I found meals delicious in many places in Trichy, and especially Madurai.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Not you and me! Its for the old people and differently-abled!!!
      Do visit again and explore more. Looking forward for your travelogue on the place! :)

  2. Hmm..I used to love Puliyodharai from temples, and thayir sadham & venpongal too!

    1. Somehow these stuffs served in temples taste so much yummier than at home or hotel. Don't they!!!

  3. Enjoyed the post. BTW a translation of the board outside the hotel could have been provided for people for whom Tamil letters are Greek.

    1. Ok. Here you go.
      Transliteration: Adada, Vaango. Vaango... Ambi Ilaya podu! Enna Sir, Tiffen-a saapaada?
      Translation: Oh, Welcome. Welcome... Waiter, place the banana leaf on the table! What shall I serve you, Sir? Tiffen or Meals?? - Spoken in a TamBrahm accent!

  4. THIRUMANJANAM means Abhishekam and not making the lord sleep.

    excellent snaps..... thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh Ok! What I meant was the last pooja of the day...

  5. hi

    this is excellance blog & sharing lots of traveller experiance. it will be useful for new traveler.

    Ganpati Images

  6. This series was absolutely a delight to read Bhusha.

  7. The cat shot is looks comfortable

  8. That hotel board is impressive!!

    1. Ha ha! Isn't it!!!?? That's what made me click it!!! :)

  9. A place known to you is not too far from here.

  10. Thank you Kristina! Glad you liked my blog!!! :)


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