Tamara Resort (Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu)

Some time back, when I visited Coimbatore aka Kovai, I was at Tamara Resort for a dinner! Well, I can't say its 'in' Kovai. Kovai being a relatively smaller town in area, and a resort that's 30km away from city centre is not within city!!! A few hours drive and a portion on it inside the forest took us to the resort, in the middle of nowhere!!!
The resort is a green, serene place with grass all over, plants and trees everywhere. The compound wall is made of bamboo. 
The seating arrangements were rough cut granite. That's my cousin leaning against one of the seating arrangements!

A small pathway led to the restaurant Aahara. The way Aahara is written itself is interesting - Its carved out on an irregular shaped disc of wood! Btw, Aahara means food and Tamara means lotus in tamil!
The food available in both veg and non veg. The vegetarian options were not bad. Here's the paneer kebab (grilled, spiced panner with tomatoes, bell pepper, onions!). Doesn't it look mouth watering? It tasted great as well! Look at the arrangement with a little heart made of cucumber! 

The restaurant ambiance was so awesome. Here again everything was bamboo. The roof was made of the traditional terracotta tiles. The electric yellow lighting were fitted within hurricane lamps and kersone lamps, adding to the rustic look of the place!
After the dinner, we opted for a walk in the resort. Well that served 2 purposes, it made me want to go there again and it helped in digesting the heavy dinner too!!! Anyways, this resort is located in the shores of a huge waterbody called Mundanthurai Check dam (no, this is different from the Mundanthurai Tiger reserve), at the base hills of Western Ghats! That makes the place so very scenic!
Along the edge of the water body are little cottages, but with all facilities. They are made of concrete, but have terracotta tiled roof, a beautiful portico with cane blinds and a wooden bench. A perfect way to spend a romantic weekend would be overseeing the water-body and the majestic hills behind it, till late night sitting on that portico, in the natural light and wind, hand in hand!!!

There's a little kids play area too with the typical play stuff seen in parks. There was a swing and I couldn't resist swinging on it for sometime and I was joined by my little cousin too! As I was swinging, I took this shot of the yellow lighting against the swing's chain with the full moon in the background. 
Well, I must say I saw Tamara on dinner only and I was very much impressed. Should go there to see the place in day light!

TO REACH THERE & FOR RESERVATIONS: http://www.tamararesorts.com/

Dedicated to my Mom, Uncle, Aunt & my dearest cousins!


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