Mahendra Trail - Musings (Villupuram - Tamil Nadu)

Here's the wrapping up post of the Mahendra Trail series! You've seen the earlier posts of the trail on Vallam & Theevanur, Dhalavanur, Mandagapattu, and Panamalai previously. When it comes to me, any trip always wraps up with the Musings in that trip. Remember, my post on Pudukottai musings long back??? So, here comes the Musings of the Mahendra Trail. 
Remember, in my Dhalavanur post, I was talking about how difficult it was to actually reach the place, travelling in highway, smaller roads, dirt track? Well, in the dirt track there were these 2 people taking care of their cattle herd. Their facial features, their innate country side, village look on them made me so inquisitive that I had to take a shot of them! So, how's it???

On our way from Dhalavanur to Mandagapattu, it slightly drizzled and climate cooled down completely. And guess what that paved way to? Ofcourse, an awesome rainbow! Able to spot it?
Well, let me zoom in... Now, I'm sure you can spot it!!!
As the temperature cooled down, and as we drove along, I spotted 'THIS' mister and I asked the the Mister driving the car, to stop for a moment. And guess what, THIS mister looked at me head on and posed for me till I took his pic and then flew away! 
Well, this mister is Indian Roller aka Blue Jay. Though this seems to be a common bird, sadly, I have never seen one so far!!! Happy that I managed some bird watching too, thanks to Mahendra Verma Pallava!!!

On a totally different note, I have already told you about CBC or Chennai Bloggers' Club! Remember my post on 'What Chennai means to me'? That was written for a blogtag by CBC. You may also have heard about, a coupon portal that shares coupons and vouchers of various Indian online shopping sites!  Well, right now CBC, hand-in-hand with Cuponation, is hosting a contest to create a badge for CBC! Here's my trial for the same, mixing the iconic Chennai Central Station, RSS icon for blog, and a font that's as crazy as we are!!!

Dedicated to Gopu, Siva, Siddharth, Prof. Sivaramakrishnan.


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