Recently C.Suresh of Life Is Like This tagged me. I normally never do tags coz many a times, it ponders into non-blog affairs with personal life questions which irritates me. When Suresh tagged me and I saw these questions, I was so glad that its a very pleasant tag that's purely blog based and that makes me go back to my older posts!!! Glad!!!!!
I have to answer 7 questions and pass on the tag to 5 bloggers who would also answer the same 7 questions and pass it on to other 5 bloggers!!!
So here are the questions and my answers....

1. My Most Beautiful Post
Beautiful??? That's a wierd question for a travelogue!!!! Errr... Well, my Mumbai trips have never got completed without visiting a beach!!! That might sound odd - but Mumbai has some well preserved secret beaches (btw, Chennai too)!!! One such beach is Gorai Beach. Went there after some official work with absolutely no planning, wearing a formal dress, at about 4 PM! But, the place was so so so beautiful and I fell in love with it and sat there till sunset and took some amazing photographs that too with cell phone.... Check out the post and you'll know what I'm talking about...
Another beautiful post is Adventures of Vanya!!! Vanya is Juvenile White Headed Babbler that I rescued and she was like a daughter to me!!! And my mom said she's Vanya's grandma!!! :)

2. My Most Popular Post
No doubt - Horsley Hills and Adventures at Horsley Hills! Earlier it was Hogenakkal Falls and in the past few months, Horsley took over by leaps & bounds!

3. My Most Helpful Post
Helpful... Mmmm... Yup. There's a post on Pettavaithalai Temple. The specialty is that its a temple for women's health issues like pregnancy, menstruation, menopause etc. There have several ladies who wanted to visit this temple to sort out their problems and didn't know its whereabouts. This post in particular has got several hits when compared to other lesser known temple posts and the keywords were also related to women's health issues! 
Also the 2 temple for wedding issues, Thiruvidanthai Temple and Kalyana Venkatramanar Temple. These are hunted by many with marriage related issues!!! 

4. My Most Controversial Post
Controversy? Naah. None. If at all I have to say, a mini controversy happened in Crested Hawk Eagle - Bird Watching post about the identity of the bird, coz first I thought it was Tawny Eagle till a pro birder pointed it out...

5. A post whose success surprised me!
Actually never thought in this angle!!! Well, looking into the stats I guess the answer must be Kapaleeswarar Temple and Kodumudi Temple. 1st, Kapali temple post has a uniqueness. Its filled, not with photographs, but my sketches of the place!!! 2nd, I went to Kodumudi temple like I'd go to any other temple. But I was surrounded by people who asking me if I wanted any 'parigaram', which frustrated me! Yes, a lot people come to my blog searching for the same!!! Paradox!!!!!

6. A post that you thought it did not get the attention it deserved
That has to be Uthiyur & Killiyur & Randam Nature Photography!!!

7. A post which you're proud of
Many! But I think I'll go for Parappalaru Dam posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). With 2 of my friends, I went of a terrain hardly ever travelled with nothing but a single wall, may be built by British and put unused, that was decades old. Never have I seen such a virgin land. After several kilometres of walk, finally reached a waterfalls that looked like it was straight out of heaven!!! Met just 2 people on the way, the area was so deserted! And at destination was a couple more people. I may have been the first girl to go there!!! Lolz!!!!!

So, I pass on the tag to
5. Jewels of Sayuri by Divya
Looking forward for your answers and who you tag!!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing some of your outstanding & incredible posts once again.

    1. Its my pleasure! I'm glad I got the chance in fact!!! :)

  2. This gave an opportunity of looking into your archives. Thanks.

  3. We will follow you here too .. kisses kisses
    www.justgoshopping.net Ada&Lisa

  4. Feels really nice to go through your old posts, Bhusha. Thanks for tagging me. Let me go post searching. :)

    1. Thank you Niranjan. Its a great boost to look out for our earlier posts, isn't it..??!!! :)

  5. I'm gonna need some time to read all your linked to posts. Great way to highlight posts that shouldn't be forgotten.

    1. Take your time! So true. This is a great way to publicize posts that didn't get the recognition!!!


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