Random Nature Photography!

Just wanted to share some photographs of animals & birds I clicked recently! Click the images to enlarge! 
Golden Backed Woodpecker or Black Rumped Flameback Woodpecker.
Managed to capture her during her 2nd visit to my place! 

Rufous Tree Pie
Whether its mate heard its call or not, after days of running with the camera in the direction from which its call came, finally somewhat decent pic captured.. 

Flying Lessons!
An adult crow overlooking as the juvenile takes the first steps errr.. I mean first flight! Adult in the upper branch and juvenile in the lower branch... 

White Breasted Water Hen!
Mom spotted one walking by in the backyard and told me 'There's something like Stilt' essentially a walker bird than a flyer! I kept observing it from a distance and it kept walking and walking and walking and finally reached an empty plot filled with plants and trees. There I spotted 3 of them and there were a lot more as well and I managed to hear their call too! So so happy!!!

Ms.Lady Bird 

 Adanson's House Jumper Spider

 Common Godzilla Ant
On the day of Vinayaka Chathurthi (an auspicious day in India), after making Kozhukattai (sweet ravioli filled with coconut and jaggery), the remaining jaggery was left off for the ants and birds to devour. Common Godzilla ant enjoying the sweet water oozing out of the jaggery mixture! 

  Pharoah Ant
On the day of Krishna Jayanthi (another auspicious day in India), Lord Krishna is footprints are imprinted from the home entrance to the Pooja room where His altar is kept. They are imprinted with folded palm's side, using rice powder & water mixture, traditionally meant for the little creatures. Less than an hour after laying the prints, there came the Pharoah ants to enjoy their meal!

Honey Bee 
That's called pollination of Guava flowers!!!

Srilankan Painted Frog aka Srilankan Bullfrog
I pulled out my cycle and he was there on the ground below my cycle and I shrieked! No, I was not scared. I got freaked out if I smashed him with my cycle. Gladly no, he was safe...
Btw, a new product got added to MY WISHLIST after these bird spotting - NIKON D3200 with AF-S 18-105mm VR Kit Lens!!! That would help me in both Bird & Insect watch with the macro lens and Heritage & Temple tours & Landscapes with the normal lens! Anyone wants to gift or sponsor this to me???!!! You're welcome! Lolz!!! :) :) :)


An ardent traveler by passion. Being an ex - Art History Teacher, my area of interest especially lies in Nature and Heritage. Visited 85 UNESCO World Heritage sites as of June 2022. I've been listed among the Top 7 Women Travel Bloggers of India, Top 50 in UK. I have been interviewed in a couple of TV Shows, Radio Channels and Events as well. Read more about me and read the testimonials of different brands


  1. Nice clicks Bhusha. You Nikon is on its way. ;)


    1. Ha ha. Hope it is... Hope Nikon gifts it to me!!! :)

  2. great collection bhusha

    beautifully captured...

    thanks for sharing

  3. one word ............................wow,

    ok one more ...................amazing pics

    thnx for sharing

    1. Ha ha! Thank you so so much for you very sweet comment! :)
      Do stop by often! :)

  4. Good captures. The camera identified by you will definitely help you. I am also queued up.

  5. The pictures are so cute! :D Love it!

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  6. hey awesome snaps...where do you stay? Such lovely birds seem to visit you?

    1. Thank you Jaish! :)
      These are very much from Chennai! :)

  7. Captivating and incredibly charming pics Bhusha.

  8. Awesome Pictures, inspired me to walked around my block to capture some of the Fall colors. (Nikon D80).

  9. i liked your photographic skill. in the mean time you described about some important days of India. i liked it.


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