Koyikkal Kottaram (Trivandrum - Kerala)

Nedumangadu Valia Koyikkal Palace was the Royal headquarters of Perakam Dynasty. This is a standing example of the 15th C architecture style of Kerala. It was built in the traditional ‘Nalu Kattu’ style which is an elaborate architecture following all rules. It’s completely made of wood and has the slanting thatched roof appearance. Remember the thatched roof with nuts & bolts appearance made of granite at Avudaiyar Koil. Here it’s a wooden / terracotta version of the same!
This palace was built in 2 storeys and has a drainage channel built in granite, which is intact till date. However the palace was majorly dilapidated before the Archaeology Dept of Kerala took it up and renovated it in 1979. The renovation was done with scientifically without damaging the antiquity of the palace. Along with renovation the Folklore Museum and Numismatics Museum were also developed.
 Manmadhan / Kama Deva / God of Love

Rati - Manmadhan's Wife! 

The first floor of the Palace houses the Folk Lore Museum. There were several artefacts there that identifies with the various traditional jobs & works and also the arts and crafts of the then era.
When it comes to art, the most important is the performing art of Theyyam (Remember a couple of Theyyam dancers I photographed?). There were several different costumes of Theyyam on display atleast 10-15 of them! They were all life sized costumes and jewels put on life sized mannequins! Also there were Kathakali, Mohiniattam etc. 
Apart from that, the delicate classical Pinnal Kolattam was also on display, as in above pic. This is much more delicate dance with less moves and performed by women. Here life sized dolls were put up on display. In this dance, a group of women danced about in circles with a rope in each one’s hand that came from the centre of the roof. As they dance back & forth in a beautiful pattern, the rope gets braided!!!

When it comes to labour and works various weapons were on display. Kitchen utensils used to cook the traditional recipes were also on display. Something that’s special to me and close to my heart – Spinning Wheels!!! The various types of old cotton spinning instruments
The exterior was a visual treat with a well maintained colourful lawn. Coming back with Puthan Malika aka Kuthira Malika and Padmanabhapuraswamy Temple!

From Trivandrum Bus Stand & Railway Station: 18 km
Ph: +91 472 2812136
Entry Fee: Rs.3. Camera charges extra.
Working Hours: 9 AM to 4.30PM on all days except Monday. Monday Holiday.

Dedicated to Mom & Pop

P.S: Answer to the last post - There are 4 snails in that pic...


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