Veli - A Picture Album (Trivandrum - Kerala)

Veli is a quaint village along the beaches of Kerala at Trivandrum. During my last visit to Trivandrum I visited this village and in simple words I could call it as a mega version of Cholamandal Artists Village!!! Its a tiny island like place which separates the back waters from Arabian Sea! The marsh land here was landscaped by award winning sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman. He sculpted a few tribal gods & goddesses and a conch etc. Here are those sculptures....

Lovers Embrace

Mother & Child


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  1. Its a beautiful place. Nice post Bhusha.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed. I'm just hoping to go there and stay there for some days together! :)

  3. a beautiful place...the shell was under construction the first time i visited this place as a school kid...was in awe!

    1. Oh! Glad you were able to see the place under construction...
      Well it is more than complete now! :)

  4. My dear Bhusha

    Don't be discouraged or disappointed. Keep my name on your nomination list. I shall do one more series on "capture the colors" for YOU !

    Regards Ram

  5. Thanks for visiting my page! & love your pictures!

  6. Hi bhusha

    welcome to kerala

    thanks for sharing this wonderful moments


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