Kanheri Caves - Part II (Mumbai - Maharashtra)

So back with Kanheri Caves....
The 6th cave was side attachment to the 6th cave that had 2 standing Buddha reliefs on either sides.
The 7th cave was very small and had a mini stupa inside and all around were several, fabulous relief sculptures undisturbed. 
All these 7 caves were in a single line. After the 7th cave there were several deviations and directions of dirt track and upward & downward journeys. I randomly chose a route and luckily it was the route to cave 67. What's special about it? Wait I'll tell you.

So, in that random route that I took up, there were several mini caverns. Those must have been more like places to sit & eat or sleep for the monks than to pray. The earlier caves with lots of reliefs of Buddha & Bodhisttava were more like Prayer caves. 
These smaller caverns did not have any sculptures or stupas or reliefs in them. There were absolutely plain. Some have a raised platform like thing, looked like a sleeping place! I saw about 4-5 of such caves before I bumped upon Cave 67.

Cave 67 is in much higher altitude. Some steep climb has to be done to reach here. Don't worry, steep steps only, not a trek! Anyone can reach! The moment I reached here, it was mind-blowing! It was a haven of sculptural marvel! 

On the outside and all walls inside, several seated, standing Buddhas, several Bodhisattvas, several celestial beings. Mostly miniatures neatly arranged neatly... I could just sit there in that cave for atleast a whole hour!
Unfortunately I missed cave 34 where the frescoes are present! If you're a regular reader you might know I'm a bit partial towards frescoes than sculptures - remember, my Sittannavasal delight!!! I guess to see all of it, I need atleast 2 complete days. Hope I venture there again!!!
As usual I spotted a withered tree! Somehow that attracts me everywhere. Some of my regular readers would have seen such a pic in many of my posts!
The view from atop! Yes, I can give you a tip or two. Take enough water, I mean, a lot a water. Take some snacks, after climbing up n down, hunger will definitely set in... Have a pretty heavy breakfast before venturing here. Unfortunately I forgot breakfast and was pretty tired by the time I was returning. Just opp. to the Sanjai Gandhi National Park Gate there's a little veg hotel called Ramdev Hotel. It was a small hotel but the food was very good! If you're very serious about all the marvels of Kanheri, you need atleast a day and a half to see all the 100+ caves!!!

TO REACH THERE: Check out my last post on Kanheri
Dedicated to my Mom & Pop


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  1. Very interesting. Beautifully covered. Although I had been there once, I need to revisit.

    1. PNS Sir,
      Seriously the place is so awesome and so vast that a single visit is not enuf!
      Do visit again and I'd love to see the version 2 of Kanheri in your blog. :)

  2. Beautiful architecture. You seem to have explored a lot many of those caves.


    1. A few Niranjan. It has 109 caves!!!!
      Just as I said already you need atleast 2 days to explore all of them!

  3. Thanks for bring us such seldom seen historical landmarks...

  4. Architect of cave is very beautiful...

    1. Yeah indeed the architechture is fabulous!
      That too it was done several centuries ago and stands as good as new till date.
      And without any modern instruments such massive yet intricate works.
      Its amazing indeed!

  5. From the time PNS saab had posted about kanheri caves I always felt it resembles Abu Simble in Eygpt. Nicely described and photographed. It time I visit

    1. Oh! I haven't been to Abu Simble! So I have no clue and can't write my opinion on that... :)
      Thank you for your appreciation on my photography & description. :)
      And as I already mentioned, take 2 full days if you want to see the place thoroughly. Come on its 109 of them! :) :) :)

  6. Nice photos - they tell the story well. Makes me want to visit there again :-)

    1. Thanks Indrajit.
      Isn't this your first visit to my blog.
      Thanks for visiting & commenting.
      Do drop by often. I'd love your visits & comments. :)


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