Eco-Tour at Elephanta

You've already read my posts on Elephants caves here, here and here. Once again I visited Elephanta in this Mumbai trip. My view of seeing Elephanta was different this time... I'll tell you how... Remember, in my last visit itself, I shared some pics of animals & birds & plants... 
And this time...
...something more special that I don't see around my home...

...but dying to see...

Infact when you take that toy train trip from the island entrance to the cave entrance, you can see a lot of marshes on either sides. There almost is a mini Mangrove. There were these plants similar to the ones from Pichavaram Mangrove

The very characteristic of Mangrove Plants - the aeriel roots or 'Pneumatophores' were seen here too! But unfortunately not taken care of. The mere existence of mangroves here is not even considered. The locals don't even seem to realize its presence. The preservation given to the monuments inside, if atleast half of it is given to the Mangroves here, this place could be promoted not just for religious or heritage tourism but also nature and eco-tourism. Is anyone from the Maharashtra Tourism Dept. or the Elephata Gram Panchayat reading this???

Refer to my earlier post...


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  1. Nice post

    photoa are good esp bird

    thanks for sharing

  2. Nice shots.

  3. Thanks Bhusha for these delightful pictures. These days sparrows have become rare that when ever I spot one I am filled with joy ! I plan to provide bird nesting facility,bird feed & bird bath in my house that is getting ready soon, in the fond hope of attracting sparrows and other beautiful birds. Also lots of plants and flower patches to attract beautiful insects and butterflies.
    Loved this post Ram

    1. That's a very thoughful idea.
      Wishing you to spot some sparrows in your garden soon..
      Glad you liked this post!!! :)

  4. Very Nice pictures!!

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Florals & Orange

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    going on in my blog- Win a Pair of 3D Glasses :) Don't forget to enter!

    Akanksha, Fictitious Fashion

    1. Thank you Akanksha. Coming right over to your blog. :)

  5. Got to see the sparrows after such a long time.

    1. Its so rare to see sparrows of late in urban areas. They've migrated to rural areas I guess.

  6. nice to see them sparrows..after a long time...

  7. i would like to go to mumbai (one day) so I guess I will find some interesting tips on your blog.

    Im following you

  8. nice blog
    keep blogging :)


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