Bhau Daji Lad Museum-Part II (Mumbai - Maharashtra)

Where were we? Oh yeah, in the ivory carvings of Bhau Daji Lad Museum. The ground floor continued with Mother of Pearl carvings, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Indian Porcelain, Sandalwood carvings and more bronzes. An idol here of Ganga Devi caught my attention. The base was on a plank of 5" square of 1" height. She was seated on a lotus. The lotus was on a crocodile. The croc was on the plank. The plank's front portion had a Nandi (Bull) Face! The bull's mouth was open!! The 4 legs of the plank were bull legs!!! 
With this the ground floor comes to an end. The first floor somehow was not as great for me as the ground floor. It was called the Founders gallery aka Kamalnayan Bajaj Mumbai Gallery. It had several several miniature figurines, all modern, that depicted different occupations, people of different communities, yogasanas, music& dance performers, etc. This floor was more for parents of young kids to teach them!
There was a fresco (yippee!), not too ancient, it was a few decades old, from Konkarwada in Pune Dt. 
This floor also had several maps and elevated maps and drawings of Bombay during the British Raj. 

The ceiling, pillars, railings, floor everything was just awesome! Several were gilded with gold!
Outside were some bigger scuptures. 
This one marks the Limits of Town of Bombay during British Raj!
Just beside was the Veermata Jijabhai Bhosale Udyaan aka Victoria Garden which is the local zoo! Before its entrance to the left was this elephant. You know what this is? 
Its the Elephanta Island's Elephant. It was because of this elephant the Portuguese named this island as Elephanta Island. Before that the island was called Gharapuri. It was located at the Rajabunder Jetty entrance. It was a specialized jetty service meant for the royalties of that era. In 1864, the British attempted to carry the elephant to Britain!!! However the crane broke and the elephant shattered to pieces. Those pieces were brought here and reassembled here. That should explain why the elephant is stumped and not magestic!



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  1. Interesting and educating. I had no idea of the Elephanta Elephant. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks PNS! Infact I would have missed the Elephanta's Elephant.
      I was sitting n looking around when my mom pointed at the zoo beside and said its the Jijamata Udyan. Suddenly a spark lit up and I remembered reading somewhere that Elephanta's Elephant is at the entrance of Jijamata Udyan. And there I saw it!!! :) :) :)

  2. Lovely art work.

  3. Landed here by accident..But a pleasurable accident :). Good narration and nice pictures.

    By the way, 'Bhashavali' is a very rare raga.I am sure you know that..

    1. Glad you mentioned it as a 'pleasurable' accident! :)
      Thank you for your appreciation.
      Yes, 'Bhushavali' is a rare raga of songs 'Gopanandana' by Swati Tirunal & 'Dhanamedhane' by St. Thyagaraja! :)
      I was named after Swati Tirunal's song! :)

  4. Awesome place, a must visit :)


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