St. Theresa's Church (Karur - Tamil Nadu)

Come Christmas and I love visiting my friends' places to see the Christmas Tree decor and the Nativity Scene crib. This time, since I was in Karur, I missed my friends' places, but then I went over to the churches in Karur. There are 2 main Churches in Karur, one being St. Theresa's Church & the other being CSI Church. And this post is gonna be 'bout St. Theresa's Church. 
In 1642, Fr. Baltasar De Costa came across Karur and he took up the job of giving spiritual guidance to the Christians of that locality. And then he proceeded his missionary at Erode, Dindigul etc. During that time, the church was only a hut with thatched roof. About the time of Indian independence, the church was under Fr. E.A Chinnappan. Under him, the Presentation Sisters Convent was brought under this church. He later on also built an elementary school which now stands as a high school. It was only about then that the present structure of the church was built.
Being to this church on 2 different celebrations (a wedding & a Christmas), I could see the beautiful skill of the Sisters in floral and ribbon decorations. Their Christmas decorations were also so beautiful. Having been schooled at a Convent, my mind was going back to my school days to see the Sisters walking about...
So, here comes the Christmas Decor....
The almost life sized Nativity Scene crib

Jacob's Well

Nativity Scene

Mount Orab - Creatively depicted with potato sacks,
dipped in clay & let to dry over standing poles!!!

Jordan River
P.S: Yes, it's the very Church where one of my best friends got married. Click here to know what I wore for her wedding!!!

To Reach There:
Located 1/2km from Karur Bus Stand & 1km from Karur Railway Station. 

Dedicated to Ashwini & Pratima


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  1. Beautiful church.

  2. Interesting Christmas post. Wishing you a fantastic start to the year ahead too.

    1. Thanks Sanand. Wishing you & your family too a great year ahead!

  3. Lovely church! Happy new year to you and yours!

    1. Thanks Ash. Happy New Year to you n your family tooo... :)

  4. A lovely little church Mitr. Happy new year.

    1. This place is stunning. This is looking very beautiful and peaceful place.

    2. Happy New Year to you & ur family Roy!!! :)

  5. @Mitzi,
    Glad you liked the place.. :)
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