CSI Church (Karur - Tamil Nadu)

Last post I wrote about one of the 2 main churches in Karur, St. Theresa's Church. The other one is the CSI church.
The history of this church is related to Rev. Henry Little. He had come to India in 1861, during the English rule, to the then Madras Presidency, as a part of his Methodist missionary. After working in several towns, in 1874 he reached Karur and began preaching there. 
In the year 1877, this place was struck with a famine. He came up with the idea of giving a simple porridge to everyone. He then came up with a small home for children.
Then started the betterment. From 1880 onwards he came up with an institute to teach several job-based skills like type writing, carpentry, lace making etc. He managed to market and sell the goods made by the locals as well.
The church standing today was built in 1892. The foundation stone for it was laid by Lady Little. The church is now more than a century old. It is true that the antiquity of the church that attracted me the most. Its a huge church built in a very English style made of bricks. 

When I went inside, I was all the more fascinated by its construction. It had arches and high ceiling like cathedrals. It was neither white washed, it had beautiful exposed red bricks!!! Loved the architechture totally!!!
When we went, the decorations were being made. And being a CSI Church, it did not have the concept of having a Nativity crib or Christmas tree!!! 

To Reach There:
Refer to the prev. post on St.Theresa's Church.
CSI Church is located just next to St.Theresa's Church

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  1. This church is beautiful!And I love the concept of not having a Christmas tree!That'd have made things too predictable!Thank you for the interesting anecdotes.

    1. Thanks Sowmi. Seeing a 100 yr old church is not very common here. Isn't it adorable little church!!! :):):)

  2. Interestin! I don't think I've seen a church with red brick walls inside. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They don't make such churches any more. Its the antiquity of the church that lends to this English construction!!! :)

  3. *Interesting* Sorry for the typo.

  4. hay this s my church ,
    name s "karur town church"
    now they plane 2 rebuilt this church.
    i mean they change the roof only,
    that project s goinggggg

  5. Church is now renovated...

  6. Can I have the contact number for The CSI Church of Karur? Not St. Theresa's. Thank you.

  7. Replies
    1. I do not have the ph. no. of the church Sarvan! :(


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