Muruganatheeswarar Temple (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Certain roads are too good to drive. In Chennai, so far it was only ECR for me, until I travelled once in Kelambakkam - Vandalur Road. Ever since this road too is in that list. Another road that I wanted to try was the Medavakkam - Mambakkam Road. So, perfectly things fell in place when I opted to visit Unaimancheri Ramar Temple.
Once I started off in Medavakkam - Mambakkam Road, that too got into my favourites list. But unlike the othe 2 favourites, this is a bit lesser in width and has more lorries in it, making the road a bit crowded. But still, its not as crowded as ECR.

Well, as I was nearing Mambakkam to get into the Kelambakkam - Vandalur road, I spotted this temple enroute which looked obviously old! So, I just stopped and went inside. As I expected, it was locked. I came out again and enquired the local people and came to know the temple's priest house is very near by. I went there and he was very much available and he readily accompanied me to the temple.

This temple has several images of fishes on the ceiling, so most probably this temple was built by the Pandya Kings. Though I am not sure of its dating, I'm sure shot this is ancient. This temple has its own bunch of epitaphs. And this comes under the Hindu Religious Endowment Board.

Its a temple of Lord Shiva and he's called Muruganatheeswarar here. His consort is Deivanayaki. Other shrines here are of Lord Vinayaka, Navagraha, Chandikesa, Valli Devasena Subrahmanian. This temple is an east facing temple. 
And it has a huge pond beside.

Very similar to the Madambakkam Dhenupurishwarar Temple, this temple too has no Gopuram and has a very small Vimana.

And the most unusual part of this temple is that its made of limestone and a kind of a brick and not the typical granite that every temple of that era was made of.
I should consider myself lucky to have met this temple priest. I accumulated lots of knowledge about the other ancient temples in this locality and he himself took me to another temple here at Ponmar. And ofcourse, I went to the Unaimanchery, but this temple was closed. Well, I did take a couple of shots outside. I'll post that soon. Bye for now...

From Medavakkam: 10km on the Medavakkam-Mambakkam Road
From Tambaram: 20km via Perungalathur, Vandalur and then on the Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road and then left turn at Mabakkam


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  1. मंदिर की बेहतरीन जानकारी देने का आभार।

  2. It's breathtakingly beautiful!I too have a thing for ancient temples but these days,I hardly get to go anywhere far from my place.So,haven't chanced upon old temples for a while.But I'm not complaining since your blog keeps me updated.Love.:-)

  3. The Pond looks beautiful.. Nice place & Post..

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  5. Nice post and great clicks.

  6. nice info with photos..

  7. I love your photos and descriptions of the old temple. So interesting!

  8. Amazing pictures and impressive monuments!!

  9. @Sandeep,
    Thank you so much dear...

    Of course why not. I remember you so well.
    Long time No C. Whr have you been.
    Yes. Saw the mail and replied too...

    I am so glad that my blog helps you to connect with our heritage. That's a great compliment. Thank you so much...

    Thank you so much dear...

  10. @Groupdmt,
    Do go there for a photoshoot. That would be adsolutely great. Do share after you've done...

    Thanks buddy.. :)

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  11. Thank you. I am visiting this temple tomorrow.


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