Kandigai Quarry (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

Last post I had written about my visit to Muruganatheeswarar Temple, which I visited enroute while going to Unaimancheri. Enroute I also wanted to visit a Shiva temple in Kandigai in the Kelambakkam - Vandalur Road. Trying to explore hunting for this temple, I got into a small street, where I spotted this abandoned quarry

A quarry when alive, creates an ecological imbalance. But when its dysfunctional, it does create an unusual landscape.

From Tambaram: 16km via Vandalur and then on Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road
From Medavakkam: 14km on Medavakkam - Mambakkam Road and then towards Vandalur at Mambakkam


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  1. an interesting take on quarries.... yes, once dysfunctional, i guess nature tries to reclaim her own!

  2. I love the way you capture nature at its playful best.Keep it up.

  3. nice info with nature photos

  4. wow someplace i'm defenitely visiting now that i've read it here:)BTW following u now. hope u return the favour:):)

  5. simply beautifully captured shots....lovely place to visit!

  6. @Anu, :)

    Thank you so much for your appreciation sweetheart... :)

    @Krishna, Phivos, Team G Square,
    Thank you so much dears...

    Do visit and let me know your experiences.. :)
    And thanks a lot for following.
    I'll do the same too... :)

    @Kalyan & Ash,
    Thanks dear..

  7. Surprising how plants and animals find their niche in the most unusual of places. Good that you are sharing this. Some photos on similar lines are at strawville.blogspot.com

  8. @Voodooville,
    So true... I'll come by to your blog soon....


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