Bird Watch - White Breasted Kingfisher

So far in My Travelogue, I have featured some Bird Watching posts in my Viralimalai post and Perungudi Lake post. In these cases, I had to go somewhere to see the birds. But this one is a unique one.
One fine evening, I went to close the kitchen window. And there, just on the other side, on the guava tree branch, was this gorgeous White Breasted Kingfisher. I ran to grab the camera and started clicking pics continuously. 

A White Breasted Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) is a species in Kingfisher which is more of a land bird than a water bird. It has switched over to more of a terrestrial diet like insects. 
At one point this gorgeous bird turned to me and looked at me face to face. 

Still, it didn't bother to fly away. Then I really do not know what it thought of. I almost started to pose for me!!! 
Finally, it flew away. And I ran to the terrace to see if I could spot it. I luckily did. It was at the opposite electrical line near the pole!!! Lucky me!!!


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  1. nice photos

    my new post on Chitharal

  2. नीलकंठ के फ़ोटो।

  3. I love bird watching especially with my elder brother. We have lots of fun during bird watching.

  4. Nature trails & bird watching should be made part of early education. It would do so much for kids to learn & savor these facts.

  5. That's a gorgeous colored kingfisher!

  6. @Krishna, Team G, Francisca & Sandeep,
    Thanks dears... :)

    @Pooja Singh,
    That must have been a great exp... :)

    That's true... :)

  7. Nice bird pictures! Which lense do you have?

  8. Lens?! It was actually a Nikon Compact Digicam (Coolpix) without lens changing facility.


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