Steve Borgia Indian Heritage Museum - Part II (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

So where were we, right, at the Paint Mixer… So the Picture album continues…
Let me now start it with a riddle. South Indians love it. Indians in general have tasted it and always associate with it as South Indian Delicacy. It’s a non-fattening, oil-free rice based dish – what’s it..???
Of Course, IDLI!!!

Though many households these days, use the pressure cooker to cook Idli’s, the traditional Idli oven is this. Behind it is an interesting pattern on a sofa seating arrangement, made by broken tiles. It’s a concept used very much by eco-builder Laurie Baker.

Isn’t this such a unique lawn chair? I love it!!!

This is a traditional game of South Indians esp. for women, called Pallankuzhi. Generally this is long and made of wood. But this is a twisted version (that’s why its here in Steve Borgia Museum!!!), a foldable version!!!

A unique wooden chair again.

A typical old lantern. A version of hurricane lantern.

This is a typical boiler. Not really ancient, even these days in small villages and towns of India these could be very much spotted.

The thing fixed onto the wall is a Coffee Grider. Below are a kettle on top of a stove. These were left by the British in a British Officers’ Mess in Vellore in South India.

That’s the overall view of the reception area that has the display.

Not just here, the restaurant & swimming pool area also have a display of some stuff. This is a fan. A manual wooden blade fan to be precise. This was with a Salem Mirasudar until it came to the Steve Borgia Museum. This is placed near the swimming pool and if you are really soaking or need some air, you can actually ask someone to operate this fan. Its has a handle behind which on being rotated the fan runs.

The hotel is sea-facing. I mean literally. This is the view of the sea from the hotel reception.

The hotel was fabulous. The greenery inhouse was amazing.

The last fabulous huuuuge piece here is of the gateway of Madras Central Prison – 1837. This has an interesting story behind it. It was in the year 2009 when the Chennai High Court passed a verdict to send this piece of history to the gallows after it served its purpose for 172 years. This prison has seen several important persons, including Subash Chandra Bose, Veer Savarkar, Annadurai etc. who served their grueling sentences here during the Indian Independence Struggle.Though it was demolished in 2009, the Main gate, Jail Name plates and Cell no. 78 found a new home here in Steve Borgia Museum.

The restaurant here is the Pongamiya Restaurant. The food is great. Not as cheap as Vasanta Bhavan, not as costly as Le Meridian. The cost is medium like many other good hotels found in ECR. Yes, looking at the exterior and the heritage stuff kept here I did get petrified as how much would I have to spend if I had my lunch here. Not too much? And Great food too!!!
P.S: Click here to know what I wore to there.



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