Ramanujar Temple (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

A few days back was Ramanuja’s Birthday. Well, when my mom told me that, my first thought was about The Mathematical Genius Srinivasa Ramanujam, errr… mistaken, she was telling me about Saint Ramanuja, one of the most famous Vaishnavaite Saints.
So, what’s the great deal about it? It was near Chennai, at Sriperumpudhur to be precise, where Saint Ramanuja was born. So, his birthday must be of great speciality o’er there. So, I started off to check it up.
As I entered the temple, the bronze figurine of Saint Ramanuja was carried out in a Palanquin, for a circumambulation around the temple. I got a fabulous view and here it is for you to enjoy!!! Lucky enough for me, my cam’s memory just got filled right in time, just after this video!!!!!
The crowd was a lot. But not as maddening as Mylapore Arupathumoovar Festival. So when the crowd went out along with the palanquin, I went into the temple to have the feast for my eyes.

Before I start out with the architecture or sculpture of the temple, lemme tell you about the temple itself. Its essentially a Lord Vishnu Temple.
The legend goes this ways. Once when Lord Shiva was dancing in trance, his wrap fell down and without even realizing it, he continued dancing naked. On seeing this, the Bootha Ganas started giggling. On seeing them giggling, Lord Shiva got furious and cursed them to go away from him and live like a earthly being. Realizing their mistake, the Ganas went to Lord Brahma to find a solution to come out of the curse. He told them to go to Sriperumbuthur and pray to Lord Vishnu. They followed suit and Lord Vishnu graced his presence on them at that very spot as Adhikesava Perumal. The Ganas pleaded him for a solution to get out of the curse. Lord Vishnu ordered his serpant, Ananthan to make a pond at the spot. The Ganas took a holy dip in this pond and got out of their curse. Hence this place is also called Bootha Puri.
And also since the pond was created by the serpant, Ananthan, this pond is called Ananthasaras. Since the Ganas got out of their curse here, the Doshas in horoscope due to Snake, Raaghu or Kedhu (Kala sarpa Dosham), get relieved here, on a holy dip. The pond was huge and its very much deep, they say about 20’ deep. Unless you are an extremely skilled swimmer never ever try jumping into it.
About a 1000 years back, 980 to be precise, Saint Ramanuja was born here (Bingala Year, Chithirai Month, Thirivadhirai Star – That’s the specification of the date in accordance to the Tamil Calender). He is also called Bashyakarar, Udaiyavar, Ilayazhwar, Ethirajar, Em Perumanar etc. Hence this temple is also called Udaiyavar Koil.

The sculptural marvel is amazing here.
Quite unusually the corners of the ceiling here was made with a series of slated stones.
The temple’s interior wall has several series of paintings. But all modern, not the ancient ones.
Some ancient Tamil epitaphs.
I was hungry after all the hungama and I was tired and went to the Prasadham counter which was empty!!!
I came out and found a smaller temple beside, the Vedhantha Desigar Temple beside the Temple Tank. Just as he could read my mind, the priest of the temple was distributing delicious Panchamridham (A traditional South Indian Fruit salad) and Curd Rice as Prasadham. I was more than happy and had that I came back home with fulfilled eyes, mind and stomach too!!!

Located very near to the Sriperumbudhur Bus Stand
From Tambaram: 24 km via Manimangalam. Regular Bus services available.
From Tiruvallur: 21 km
From Kanchipuram: 35 km

Temple Contact:
Sri Adi Keshava Perumal & Sri Bhashyakar Temple,
Sriperumpudur, Kanchipuram Taluk,
Pin: 602105.
Tamil Nadu, India.
Tel : Temple Office : +91 44 - 27162236
Sri.T.Ramadoss ,Present E.O.: 09444898548.


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  1. You got to change your careerline from Fashion to Archeology/ history. Nice discovery.


  2. Nice pics of a great temple..!

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  4. Hello,

    Lovely write up about the temple with some good photos. Is this not the place where Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated?

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  5. Amazing and nice writeup about the temple with good pic n videos .

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    beautiful photos and good narration


  7. Beautiful shots of the temple. The carvings are amazing.

    Check out Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India

  8. @Raj Niranjan,
    Ha ha!!! But I believe its all interlinked!!! :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

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    @Joseph Cheta,
    Thank you. It is indeed the place where he was assasinated, but I am yet to visit the memorial..

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    The carvings were indeed exquisite.. :)


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