Kanikonna - The Vishu Special Flower

Heartiest Vishu Aashamsakal to all my Malayali friends...

I understand. This might sound Greek and Latin to so so many. So what does that mean? Well, Vishu Aashamsakal means Vishu Wishes. So what's this Vishu now? Vishu is the Malayali New Years Day.
Here in India, New Years day marks the beginning of Spring and so falls on the mid of April all over India. In Tamil Nadu its called Puthandu (Yeah, I celebrated it yesterday fabulously with Vada and Payasam, which are delicacies of Tamil Nadu!!!), in Kerala, its Vishu, in Punjab its Baisakhi, in Assam its Bihu, in Andhra Pradesh its Ugadhi (that was on 4th Apr this year!!!).
Malayalis begin their celebration of Vishu by first looking at all things golden as soon as they wake up. This includes Gold itself, the traditional kasavu mundu (the keralite outfit) with gold zari, golden ripe mango, golden ripe papaya, shining brass handled mirror (preferebly Aranmula mirror), and ofcourse the Kanikonna flower.
Now, what's this Kanikonna flower? Its this!!!

click on the images to download Kanikonna wallpapers

English Name: Indian Laburnum or Golden Shower Tree
Scientific Name: Cassia fistula
Malayalam Name: Kanikonna
Tamil Name: Sara Kondrai
Hindi Name: Bandhar Lathi (coz, the monkeys use the pods of the tree as a sword and fight among themselves!!!) or Dhanbahar (The giver of Wealth)

This tree is essentially a western ghat tree of South India. However the tree grows well all over India where the sun shine is heavy. The tree needs heavy shine on it esp. on April for it to bloom completely. It needs care only in the first 6 months, when it has to be regularly watered and treated with manure. Once it grows as a tree, it needs no regular care - its rain fed!!!

P.S: The seeds of this tree are available for sale at Rs.100 for 4 seeds. Free shipping within India. Contact me at thozhi.mitr.friend@gmail.com to purchase!!!


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  1. Hey Bhusha...Thanks a lot for the wishes and wish you the same.. I got all those items mentioned in the list except for the Konna poo. Should have checked with you earlier i suppose.


  2. hey nice post , but you missed Karnataka , we also clebrate new year on Ugadi with neem and jagery .

  3. Hi Bushavali


  4. @Niranjan Das,
    Thank you so much Niranajan. Why don't you plant a Kanikonna tree??!!!

    @Team G Square,
    Oh! Ok! I was not aware of it. Thanks for enlightening. Happy New Year to you too!!! :)

    Welcome.. :)

  5. Hey Mitr, reference your last comment on my blog, "So are you." !!

  6. Great blog. Glad I stopped by. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas

  7. The golden shower tree really is glorious! Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful mother nature at its best!

  9. Hi Friend! Lovely flowers!!

    Sorry for the absence, but one week off means three weeks busy to recover... Blogtrotter Two is around the canals of Amsterdam... Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

  10. Beautiful spread of spring...lovely captures!

  11. @Roy,
    Thank you... :D:D

    Thanks a lot for stopping by n commenting. Welcome to my blog. Do visit often.
    I'll drop by yours soon!!! :)

    Thanks a lot love.. :)

    Indeed. It feels great to see the tree in real!!! :)

    Thanks dear. :)

    Thanks love... :)

    Thanks a lot sweety... :)

  12. Whether this can be planted in flower pots

    1. No! It's a huge tree. It cannot be planted in pots...


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