Tiruvarur Temple Tour Part I (Thiruvarur - Tamil Nadu)

Once I went with my parents on a Tiruvarur Temple Tour. The most important temple here in Tiruvarur is the Thyagesar Koil. I’ll come to that soon in my upcoming posts. First lemme say about the temple which attracted me a lot – the Kasi Viswanathar Temple.

Many localites may not know about this temple. Yeah! That’s the type of place I always hunt and find and fall in love with!!! And this particular find was not mine, but my mom’s!!!

From the Thyagesar Temple, we were on our way to go to the Kuruvi Rameshwaram Temple, which is also called Thirupalli Mukkoodal. The Lord Shiva here is called the Mukkan Nathar aka Thrinethra Swami. The Goddess here is called Anjanaatchi aka Mymevukanni. This temple is considered as the Triveni Sangamam of South. Now, what’s this Triveni Sangamam. It’s the joining point of the 3 holy rivers – The Ganges, Yamuna and the mystical Sarawathi.

Enroute to the Kuruvi Rameshwaram from Thyagesar Temple, one more temple is found. Its called Keke Ramkey!!! Yeah, I know that sounds way too funny!!! Actually it’s the shortened names of Gayakarai aka Ramarkarai!!!

Another temple in the route is the Kasi Viswanathar Temple. This temple is where Lord Rama placed the ‘pindam’ for his father Dasaratha. Now what’s this ‘Pindam’? It’s the rice balls placed in the new moon day or the death anniversary in his memories!!! This temple was in a very much dilapidated condition and was withering away.

Somehow this face in one of the gopurams of the temple reminded me of classical greek sculptures!!!

Coming soon with the rest of the temples in the temple tour of Tiruvarur.

To Reach There:

To Tiruvarur:

From Thanjavur/Tanjore – 70 km to the east

From Trichy – 124 km to the east

From Kumbakonam – 42 km to the south east

From Tiruvarur the Kekkarai Road (Gayakarai Road, but locals understand only if referred to as Kekkarai), has to be taken and just past the railway crossing is the Kekkarai locality. From there in 1 km is a bridge from where the road splits into 2. The road to the left has to be taken which leads to Kuruvi Rameshwaram. Enroute is Kasi Viswanathar Temple.

To Stay: Thiruvarur has several low & middle end local hotels & lodges.

Dedicated to my Mom & Pop.


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  1. Hey busha...looks like an interesting place. Can you guide me to the exact location.


  2. @Niranjan,
    Will get back about it soon dear.. :)

    Its actually a photo of a photo.. :(
    I couldn't get the pics scanned so I just clicked the digital images of the printed photos!!! :(
    Will try to replace them with scans soon!!! :)

  3. The last photograph is really intriguing. One funny thing which I have noticed is the names of temple deities. They are real tongue twisters.

  4. So interesting and impressive monument!

  5. Captivating place. Thanks for sharing it.

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  6. Great find! It is sad to find so many ancient temples just left to decay. People's awareness is also limited, constrained as they are with their day-to-day life, they hardly find time to visit these splendid places. It is through the work by people like you, that at least we come to know of these treasures. Hope one day to see it with my own eyes.

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  8. Hello,

    It is always wonderful to read you posts where you locate unknown places of worship and write about them.These are amazing places which should be restored to their original splendor.I hope the government will wake up and do the needful.

    Lovely photos.

    Best wishes,

  9. Whenever I come to your blog I start to travel in my dream country. Love the post and photos.. But pls put them bigger so tat we could also enjoy the details..

  10. Those are wonderful, unknown temples on the route.

  11. @PN Subramanian,
    Yeah!!! Its so Greek for me and the names are Greek and Latin!!! Lolz!!! :)

    Thanks dear..

    Thanks for inviting. I'll mail and drop by soon!!!

    Thank you for you visit and kind comments. I guess this is your first visit to my blog. Do drop in often.. :)

  12. @Sarah,
    Thanks for dropping by and appreciating my blog. Will drop by soon.. :)

    Thank you Sir. I really wish our culture and heritage monuments which are so so so many all over and all protected.. :(

    I've tried posting bigger pics. But I dunno why, but blogger somehow doesn't display it bigger even if my pic is bigger... :(

    They really are so wonderful!!! :)

  13. @Niranjan,
    The actual location is updated.. Do venture and lemme know your experiences!!! :)

  14. There are many such temples around Thanjavur on Kaveri belt, mostly Chola architecture. I have heard about these, but till now not yet tried to explore that region, may be sometime in future :)
    The face on the vimana is really interesting, we need to check if this is a later addition of the original one. One similar face is found in Thanjavur temple, face of a britisher probably, however later it was found that this face was added in renovations of the temple, information to the best of my knowledge.

  15. Its sad to see such art left to ruin :(
    We have a rich culture but i dunno how much is going to survive in the years to come :(:(

  16. @Saurabh,
    I don't think so!!! This temple is in such ruins that I don't really feel that it would have been renovated in any point of time!!! But, might be as well!!! Hafta research on that to find out!!!

    Its upto us Sathish. We common people must have the sincerity not to destroy or modernize, leave alone protect all our dear ancient treasures!!!

  17. இந்த இனையதளம் வளர எங்களின் வாழ்த்துக்கள்


  18. @Flyon,
    Thank you so much dear... I'll drop by your site soon!!! :)

  19. Hi,

    GOod write up about my home town. Here is the little video may be you can use it for content.



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