Yercaud (Salem - Tamil Nadu)

After several failed trials to go to Yercaud, I was way too frustrated and I was contemplating going alone!!! Going alone was never a problem, but I found it too stupid to go to a hill station all alone!!! Finally a friend planned to get married and we friends got to meet up and suddenly things fell in place and there we had a perfect plan for Yercaud. 5 gals, 1 car and a perfect location!!!

The day arrived and morning 7 we left to Yercaud in an Innova with my regular trust-worthy driver with some internet collected literature. Very much in contrast to Kollimalai which had 70 bends, Yercaud had just 20 hairpin bends. It was ok, not exciting, but going in such a big gang was rather unusual for me, and my regular readers would know that so well!!! So that itself was such a great fun!!! Enroute there were so many several monkeys – it’s a definite trick to drive slowly and carefully without hitting them. We did it!!! In several points the views were so exquisite.

Enroute was a beautiful bunch of bamboo trees with several couples in love whose love was immortalized in carving!!! If you’re up to Yercaud, please DON’T do this!!! Leave the nature as it is, pls!!!!!

Mobile does not pick up signal while climbing up but there atop the hill, no issues. On reaching atop the hill we were almost at the centre of the township. Just there was the Yercaud Lake, and none of us were least interested in it. Our driver enquired the locals with the list that I gave him and our first target was Shervaroyan Temple.

It was a little temple of concrete in a very modern structure. The outer appearance made me hate it! But once inside, it was marvelous. It was a little structure and we had to walk bent down, or we could walk with 4 limbs and get inside!!! It’s a little cave temple with Lord Shervaroyan and the Goddess here is Cauvery. Now that’s the catch – the starting point of River Cauvery is right here. That’s why the Goddess here is River Cauvery. The cave is wet and has water all over the roof and base and everywhere almost!!! It was so pleasing and I was so engulfed into the natural beauty of the place when a bunch of school kids came in, all of them, at a time. Might be their school excursion!!! Well, now I had to go out!!!

Walking further around 200m upwards to the highest point, the view was splendid and awesome!!! A couple of snaps and we were off to the next location.

We reached the Mahameru Yantra Temple now. Nothing so interesting, nothing at all of my interest atleast. A very new temple in a very new concrete architecture. Not to my taste!!! We left immediately and from there our next destination was Killiyur Falls.

Enroute there were was a small beautiful stream and we stopped for a couple of shots. There are quite a number of them like these all over yercaud. Killiyur Falls – Its way too awesome to include it within this post. The number of pics taken there and the description of the post compels for a separate post on it. Wait & watch!!!

From there our next target was – Errr… A Hotel. The trek to Killiyur Falls had taken its toll and I was damn hungry. I thought I should have some wine, but its cost made me take the decision otherwise. From there, the next target was Ladies Seat. It’s called so coz, some English Lady has discovered the view point here, no idea who was that lady. The place has a high definition telescope and the view is mind-blowing!

From there atop in the nearby boulders, there atop I saw the most relaxed dog sunbathing!!! Want more, the puppies were there too, but I missed it on my cam!!!

There at Ladies Seat, my kid luck worked out as usual!!! Btw, just following the ladies seat, people here have made another view point here called Gent’s seat which we deliberately missed!!!

Our next shot was to Pagoda Point. This is yet another view point, but the best part here is the Pagodas. These are small pyramid like structures made by the local tribes as a burial urn. The worst point here, small little worms.

Well, only after taking several shots hanging on those iron grills and leaning against the walls, we realized the place was infested with several thousands of little worms. Fluttering our garments and opening and disturbing our hair-dos, somehow we got rid of all the worms!!!

It was evening by then and we started back. By the time we reached Salem, I was so fast asleep in the rear seat! Several other view-points and Montfort school and several gardens which I don’t regret missing!!!!

Two important places that we missed and I deeply regret it: The Grange and the Bear’s cave… The Grange is a small fort or rather a castle like structure. The kind that we see in Europe generally. Heard its one of its kind seen in India!!! Well, I missed it!!! Another is the Bear’s cave – a typical cave with lots of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s said to be of around 300 m in length, however it is too inaccessible after some 40-50m with several insects and snakes and without much oxygen. Ages ago siddhas and saints are believed to have been through this passage!!! It’s also believed that Tipu Sultan used it as a hide out!!! Presently the place is located within a private premise. Still, upon permission and request the cave can be accessed. Well, missed it too!!!!! Dunno when I’ll venture and with whom again o’er there!!!!! Lets see!!!!!

P.S: If at all you’re venturing to Yercaud, esp. Killiyur falls, please preserve the nature there. Pls don’t go there to booze, even if you do, bring back the bottles with you! Pls bring back any plastic covers and trashes and dispose it there in the dust bin of the cafeteria once you’re back up. Please please leave back only footprints, nothing else, please!!!!!


From Salem: 28 km

From Karur: 108 km via Namakkal, Salem

From Bangalore: 228 km via Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Salem

From Coimbatore: 185 km via Bhavani, Salem


A few resorts are available atop the hills in Yercaud. Esp. the Sterling Resorts and Grand Palace. TTDC has its hotel there are lower price points.

Dedicated to Ani, Vaish, Aish, Babes, and driver Sathyamurthy


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  1. Beautiful shots. It is very scenic place. I had been there as part of a package tour.

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  3. Yearcaud is a nice picnic spot for people in an around salem and for others it is a nice place to visit for its climate only at the right season when it is cool enough (during the monsoon & winter).

    Hope to see your blog on Killiyur falls - lucky if you found water in the stream as many a times it is dry & empty

  4. wonderful the scenery...and great views....

  5. I enjoy very much visiting and reading your lovely blog. I hope your gorgeous pictures to be in a larger size! Hugs

  6. Yes, the place looks perfect and I'm sure you had a great time there!

  7. Very nice post Bhushavali! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Hi

    Another hill station ? wonderful

    good photos & narration


  9. its a lovely hill station..i missed out on kiliyur falls because of rains. i hope i will get to know how bad a miss that was in your next post.

  10. @Rajesh,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    Yeah. That's true. I went in August which was off-season. During season, that's summer its way too crowded!!!

    Thanks sweetheart!!!

    Thanks jij!!!

    Ok. Lemme think about it!!! Thanks for the suggestion dear.. :)

  11. @Babes,
    Thanks di chellam!!! :)

    Yeah!!! I really had a great time!!! That too with my gal buddies it was great!!!

    Its my pleasure.. :)

    Thank you.. :)

    @Niranjan Das,
    Wait n watch!!!

  12. Yercaud has so many places ??????
    Guess we missed the many places u visited ,anyways am tempted by ur post to go there again especially to that fort and bear cave :)

  13. Hello:)

    Very enjoyable trip and lovely photos.

    I can see you and your friends had a wonderful time.

    Best wishes:)

  14. @Sathish,
    Yeah.. :) Do visit and lemme know about it.. :)

  15. @Joseph,
    Thank you so much.. :) I enjoyed to my heart's content!!! :)

  16. I would say, even do not leave your foot prints. Lovely post.

  17. @PN Subramanian,
    Long time No C!!!
    Thanks again for taking time to visit & comment on my blog!!! :)

  18. Interesting....Dinno there are many interesting places in Salem, being new to this place, I have never found anything extra ordinary. Thanks for the info...Going there today afternoon..lemme see how it goes for me. Thanks for the info,


  19. @Sherief,
    It my pleasure Sherief.
    Do let me know of your experiences...
    You may also venture to Namakkal, Kollimalai etc which are very near to Salem...

  20. Planning a trip to yercaud this month, any tips?


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