A Picture Album of Tada (Nellore - Andhra Pradesh)

I am so sorry guys... A client visit (rather a stay - for a whole big week) at office followed by the deadlines of my college assignments made me frantic... I was dazed... It was so hectic that I could't even call my best friend (Sorry, Vaishu!!!) and I couldn't even check my mails!!! I hope you understand now why I didn't post anything for the past 2 weeks. I am sorry guys!!!
Ok, now. Back to the flutters and wanders. But this time, its not mine, but my best friend's (No, not Vaishu as above stated!!! My friends' circle is huge!!!). I am posting this coz I really really badly madly wanted to visit this place myself. He and his friends gang planned for this Tada trip and I was like, "I am coming". However I wasn't allowed in, as that trip was guys only trip!!! Those are few times, when I felt 'Wish I was a guy'!!! Forget it!!!
So, there isn't experiences and travelogue to be spoken of. Enjoy the visual treat!!!
My best friend, my good friend and the rest of the gang.
Men on bikes!!!
That's when my dear friend skidded in a stream.. Should I also tell about the condition of the cam and cell phone after that?!!!
Hope you enjoyed the visual treat!!! I am dying to visit the place with my own eyes!!! Just like Yercaud which had several flopped plans earlier, Tada too is playing Hide n Seek with me!!! Hope to go there in near future.
Well, however for those who plan to venture I can give a tip or two. Start early, reach early and return early. Its not very safe to return in dark!!! On the day these guys went, I tried calling both of my friend only to hear a sweet lady telling me that the number was not reachable. Yup, cell phones do not catch signal here. BSNL might, I dunno!!! Take your own mode of transport - Car or Bike. Public transport does not exist in this forest!!! The most important and the reason why my venture to this place doesn't happen till date - Its not safe for lone female travellers!!! Gals venture with a relatively medium to big gang of gals or with guys. My gang of gals doen't seem to happen at all!!!
Wish I come up with my own travelogue of Tada!!! Let's see!!!

To reach there:
From Chennai: 70 km (take a right turn at the Poonamalle Highroad jn and get going).

Dedicated to Venkat, Vivekanand and the gang.
All the photographs too belong to them.


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  1. Gorgeous landscape, beautiful pictures!

  2. not so satisfied with the post. better you go and write Bhusha. You involve yourself so well and you can describe this wonderful place more if you see it with your own eyes.

  3. "Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

  4. If you have time please have a look at the magazine my son is editing. Thank you. PULSEmagazine

  5. But u had the time to cal me ;-)
    Btw, who is the best friend & who is the good friend?

  6. Hi bushavali

    please pass my regards to your friends for wonderful photos


  7. Good to see you back in the blog world.
    Wonderful shots of nature.

  8. Thats some pretty good advice ,TADA is definitely not safe for family & gals ,most come to booze there with friends ,am sorry to say that this natural spot is best visited only by guys that too in a group :(

  9. That is nice of them to have shared the pics.

  10. Such beautiful watery places on this and the previous posts!

  11. @Phivos,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    I've posted it in the hope to make it to Tada asap.. Lets see.. :)

    Thanks so much for your visit & compliment dear.. Welcome to my blog. And do visit often.. :)

    Will come soon dear.. :)

  12. @Jij,
    Yeah. That was so very important... :)
    Btw, you know who my best friend is and his friend is my good friend.. :)

    Sure. I would.. :)

    Thank you so much dear.. :)

  13. @Sathish,
    So true na.. :(

    I've thanked them for this. And they too are so happy about this.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

  14. i too wanted to visit...maybe we shud form a group and go tada!!!..can u plan it?

  15. hey...there is all women trek organised by chennai trekkers on dec 4&5th to Nagala..chk it out https://groups.google.com/group/sachennaitrekkingclub/browse_thread/thread/519c20b641f867d5..

  16. the green pics are very well shot .. good stuff


  17. @Sahana,
    I may not be able to make it on 4th or 5th Dec. If you make it do tell me your experiences!!! :)

    Thanks buddy.. :)


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