Guess the Location!!!

Kollimalai, Kolli hills, aagaya gangai tamil nadu
I have an interesting guess work for you now!!! 
Guess the location I'm standing in, in the above pic!!! 
Clueless..? - Ok, the location is in Tamil nadu, India. 
Post in your guesses in the comments and am soon coming with my travelogue to THE place!!!


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  1. This is surely Agaya Gangai Kolli Hills.

    Google Map Coordinates : 11.267072,78.393813

    Glad you finally were able to visit Kolli Hills. Expecting more details on Kolli Hills in your next Blog.

  2. I am lost.
    This is certainly beautiful place.

    Check this Ibrahim Roza, Bijapur

  3. Hi Friend! I’m back!! One week off, one week to deal with the mess created by the absence, a birthday almost no one noticed and a weekend to rest a little bit...

    No clue to guess the location... ;)

    Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter Two, which is enjoying a fabulous hotel: the Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda!! Enjoy, comment and have a great week!

  4. it looks to be a magnificent waterfalls...

  5. This is a stunning place and you look exiting!

  6. I know where Tamil Nadu is on the map but have no idea about the waterfall... :-))) Anyway it's gorgeous!

  7. I recognised the Lady, but clueless about the location.{:)

  8. I love seeing pictures of people's travels! I have no idea where this is though! ; )

  9. Hello:)

    Lovely photo of a young happy lady with outstretched arms as though she wants to fly and reach the high heavens.

    This could be any place in Tamilnadu where there are waterfalls.I just can't hazard a guess. However I am eagerly waiting for the next post.

    Best wishes:)

  10. exceptional picture! for the mood it has captured!! it is as if that, had u persisted,u would have started flying!!! :)


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