Trip to Chandigarh from Delhi

Well, from Delhi a journey to Chandigarh had its own deal of interesting things.

I can tell for sure the money spent on that Kalka Shatabdhi Train was worth every penny.

It was much much better than flight economy class. With an amazing veg breakfast of a couple of cutlets, juice, bread with butter and jam, tea and newspaper, it was more than I expected!!!

A bus journey would have taken 6 hrs to reach Chandigarh but in 3.5 hrs I was there at Chandigarh!!! Business was hectic in Chandigarh that I couldn’t even visit the Rock Gardens!!!

I found these sculptures in the railway station. These are the kind of statues seen in Rock Gardens as well.

My regular readers always know, I have a great animal & kid luck everywhere. The same evening while I was back in Chandigarh Station, while waiting for the train I saw these beautiful scene of pigeons drinking water out of a leaky pipe!!!

Dinner in Shatabdhi was great as well. An evening tea with soup and bread with jam. A typical North Indian meals later at around 8:30 pm, of Channa, Dal, Rice, Paratha and juice with icecream as well!!! Served with great care and taken back trash with great care!!! Every penny was worth it for sure!!!

Dedicated to Ashwini


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  1. The train service has definitely improved over a period. Even I could not visit Rock Garden when in Chandigarh.

    Dulhadeo Temple, Khajuraho

  2. Oh gr8 ,i might try the Kalka Shatabdhi Train when i go to chandigarh :)
    Hey why wasnt there any description about the places u visited ??????

  3. So, ultimately this trip was about breakfast and dinner in Shatabdi. Right. :-) :-)

  4. hi

    Good nature photos

    my new post


  5. You ought to be named as the Marco Polo of the Blogosphere :)

  6. I too prefer train journeys to flights. The only difficulty is to get reservations confirmed on time and of course, its a lot of pain when traveling with a kid, so flights are more convenient but train journeys are so relaxing and interesting.

  7. Love your blog! Train Travel can really be an amazing experience. I love traveling in trains!

  8. @Rajesh,
    Sad that you could also not visit Rock Gardens.. :(

    Full day vela pa.. Ootu sutha no time.. :(

    Era eranga paatha apdithan.. :) Lolz.. :)

    Thanks pa.. :)

  9. @Nachiketh,
    That's a great compliment. Thank you so much dear.. :)

    With IRCTC Booking tickets is no more a prob for me. But yeah, long distances in train with kids can be painful!!! :(

    Thank you dear.. :)

  10. Dear B! I came to your blog as I was searching for Trichy and Thanjavur. My son and husband will be travelling to those place in a couple of days. I was so fascinated with your blog that I have sent it off to a couple of friends and my Mom who loves to read this. I have been enjoying this blog.

    We were in Chandigarh and we took the Shatabdi from Chandigarh to Delhi where we flew back to Bangalore. My kids loved the shopping and especially the large lassi lota they bought from Sector 17(I think).

    Your Mahabs brought back memories. We used to go there from college and I have lovely memories with my friends. Thanks for such a descriptive blog. I am sure I will be spending the next few days of vacation going through them :).


  11. @Sampige,
    You really warmed my heart today with your lovely comments!!!
    I am so glad that you loved my blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences too!!!
    Thanks again for dropping by and also taking time to comment.
    Do drop by often!!! :)

  12. Nice Pics, Train Travel can really be an amazing experience.thanks for your valuable information.

  13. I remember my trip from Delhi to Chandigarh. We drove all the way there. We managed to visited the Rock Gardens and the lake, and spend some time with our old uncle and aunt, plucking fresh mangoes from their garden. Yummmm... :) Cheers!!

  14. I have never been to Chandigarh by train. It is interesting to see those Rock Garden statues in the station itself. I was in Chandigarh last year and loved the place.

  15. I have been in Chandigarh for an year. I love that place, life never stops there.


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