India Gate at Night (New Delhi)

Again in New Delhi and it was my third visit to the political capital of the country. (Yeah! I’m specific about it. India has a business capital that’s Mumbai; a cultural capital that’s Chennai; a literary capital that’s Kolkota. Incredible India isn’t it.?).
India Gate at night
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India Gate at night
Pic Courtesy: By Yash stealth - Own work  via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

As usual it was a business trip with a colleague who by chance was my college friend as well. Business was pretty hectic and the whole days were eaten up by it. New Delhi has a great blessing called the Metro. I realized it when I ventured to go by taxi to a place where metro reaches. A 10 mins ride by metro took me more than 40 mins by taxi!!! Now, that’s called a heck of traffic!!!
So we decided to opt for the metro by default. Taking an unlimited Tourist Pass was more than convenient. And one fine night he said that he’s gonna go to India Gate after dinner, as such we had our Tourist Pass, so its not extra cost. I opted to join him and after dinner at around 9 pm we were off to India Gate.

We took the metro and there we were at Mandi House metro station in a couple of minutes. I wanted to venture to Connaught Place dearly called CP, first. We walked upto it. Thanks to the metro extension, my memories of CP were broken to pieces. Earlier when I visited, the huge market place buzzing with activities was now almost dead with the breaking up of some structures and renovation of some to fit in the metro path. Most of the shops were closed except for a few. I was totally dis-heartened.

From there we walked up to India Gate looking for the directions and arrows. It was 9:30 pm and I was astonished. The road was almost dead. Hardly some 10 people were in the entire street that led us from Mandi House to India Gate. I couldn’t believe it. Absolutely!!! Living in Mumbai for sometime, this was a shock to me. I was walking in a lonely street at 9:30 pm and I was a lil’ bit scared, where as in Mumbai I had returned even by 1:00 am from Juhu Beach while the streets still had people and was absolutely ok. Mumbai never sleeps and Delhi does, I mean really, really does!!!

India Gate at night

India Gate special lighting
Pic Courtesy: Vijaychokkakula  via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0
When we were almost at India Gate I could see some life. Now, for the first time, I saw a well lit India Gate. On my first visit, I saw it broad day light. On my second visit, I saw it at dead of night at 1 am. Now during the third time, the timing was perfect. It was beautiful. India Gate photos at night turn out so beautiful...
Apart from these regular lights, special lights, including an Indian flag's tricolor are projected of specific dates like Indian Independence day, Republic Day, Beating retreat, Diwali etc. 

India Gate is one of the National Monuments of India and one of the most important tourist places in Delhi. It was built during the British Raj. This has several names inscribed on it. These are the names of the great Indian and British Indian soldiers who lost their lives during the World War I. To be specific its 90,000 soldiers. Below the India Gate is a podium where a rifle stands with a soldier’s hat on it. Beside it is the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ which means the Immortal Soldier. It’s a lamp that keeps burning, in the honorable memory of the Jawans, no matter how the weather is!!!
Right opposite to it is the Rashtrapathi Bhavan where the Hon’ble President of India lives, and this stretch of the road is called the Rajpath. The road perpendicular to it is called the Janpath.
At around 10:30 we started off back. I made it a point to my friend that I was not ready to walk in that lonely street again. If it was that lonely at 9:30, it would be dead by now. We took an auto. Reaching hotel at 11 and then having dinner at 11:30 and saying good bye at 12:00 midnight, we said ‘Hi’ to next day by the time we went to sleep!!!

Nearest Metro Railway Station: Mandi House. 
All autos and ricks and cabs take you there. Not a single person in Delhi would not know to reach there or direct you to reach there.!!!

Dedicated to Ashwini
India Gate photos images at night


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  1. Chennai sure is the cultural capital of India :)
    why didnt i think of that :)

    anyways i loved the India Gate bot the boating there's a bit awkward taking into account that its just a small pond ...

  2. Delhi - no night life almost - very true.

  3. Probably Chandni Chowk area remains alive even past mid night.

  4. love the architecture on those gates...but imagine even beyond hte people the symbolism to be lonely...

  5. @Sathish,
    Its real, Chennai is the cultural capital of India. Its not just my phrase!!! :)


    Might be.. Chandni Chowk was way to crowded when I visited it on a evening itself!!!

  6. Nice blog and good post! Did you know that your content is being stolen by another blogger:

  7. Fantastic shots and you both look so pretty!

  8. Hi

    well done

    picture of India Gate at night is pretty


  9. I've passed the Gate several times at night but only have a day shot...

  10. hey delhi is capital of india. Not only political capital. india gate and CP is really best in the city..

  11. I love this place. You have shot them very well in the night.

    Chaturbhuj Temple, Khajuraho

  12. yeah. i have read about the 4 local capitals of India. nice to be reminded again. And ...... you look b-e-a-utiful in that photo. :-)

  13. I love the light glowing on these structures. Very romantic!

  14. Good post. India Gate is a lively place and I like to meet friends there, sit and chat under the sky and the towering historical structure but its not very safe after dark.

  15. @Emm,
    Thanks dear for dropping by and commenting. :)
    Thank you for the detail. I'll check into it!!!

    Thanks dear. I'll convey the same to be buddy as well!!!

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Why did u miss a night shoot? Why Jose, why??? Your pics are so captivating!!!

  16. @BoletoBindas Rohit,
    Thank you for dropping by n commenting.. :)
    You are right in an international view. In a local Indian view, we do have local specialities and regions which are highly into it as capitals. :)

    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Eppovo padicha nyabagam!!!
    Thank youuuuuuuuu.. :) :) :)

    Thanks dear. :)

    That's so true. Thanks to my friend without whom I wouldn't have ventured alone for sure.

  17. Usually this area is quite jam-packed with traffic, so it really surprised me to read that it was deserted at 9.30-10 pm. Anyway, India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan stretch is one of the grandest in Delhi and never ceases to thrill me, whenever I drive past.

  18. India gate in New Delhi is very beautiful momentum to visit in India.
    Rashtrapati Bhawan and India gate are on same street.I have visited it and found very beautiful and thrilling.
    Thank a lot for posting this information.
    For more information do visit my Travel India blog


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