Buddha Jayanti Park in Central Ridge of Delhi Forest

Off-beat 1 day itinerary in New Delhi

On this trip to Delhi for work, I had 1 free Sunday in it. My last 2 trips to Delhi were filled with all those important and tourist places in Delhi & Agra. So, this time I wanted to opt for an unusual place, smitten by nature. I had a list of options of unique places to visit in Delhi including Sultanpur Sanctuary, Delhi Ridge, Aravali Hill Range, Okhla Birds Sanctuary etc. My friend who is really really bad in deciding and finalizing upon one thing, let me to decide. I thought of Delhi Ridge + Okhla Sanctuary.
Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi

Buddha Jayanti Park for Delhi couples

Buddha Gardens for Delhi couples

Romantic places in Delhi - Buddha Jayanti Park
And finally the grand day’s eve came and there we were in yet another official work at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and I missed my precious Samsung D780. It was so dear to me and it was my dearest gadget and a camera that I never parted with. And now its lost. Its gone. Its gone forever. I was literally devastated!!! Somehow I recovered. I attended a meeting after I lost it. At the door of the meeting room, I told myself, “For the next hour, forget that your phone is lost”. I managed through the meeting and I was back into the hotel room completely devastated!!! I was happy to meet the nice officer in the Karol Bagh police station who tried to help me out. My poor friend/colleague somehow tried to pacify me.
As the next day dawned, I woke up with the misery of the my lost Samsung D780. I felt miserable and my friend gave up his whole half day of the only single free day, to come over with me to the Lajpat Nagar Police Station to lodge a complaint. Lajpat Nagar market is a place just over crowded to the peak. How can I describe it – Ahem – Its 20 times Ranganathan Street of Chennai or Bandra Linking Road of Mumbai!!! Now, do you get the idea!!! Well, Lajpat Nagar was not connected by the Delhi Metro and with auto, share auto and bus travel a whole half day was eaten up in lodging a complaint. In this whole process we traveled by every other means of transport in Delhi except the local train (not the Metro) right from Rick, Auto, Cab, Car, Public bus, Private bus, Share auto, and of course the Metro train.
After a half day was gone, I felt miserable for spoiling that half day of my friend in running with me all over Delhi. Then again, I looked into the map and decided that we’ll go to Delhi Ridge which includes the Pusa Hills of Delhi Forest.

We took a metro to the nearest station and walked up to the place and enquired where the Delhi forest is. No one seemed to know. Someone told us to go to the Buddha Jayanti Park and spend an evening there. Finally again, I tried to find some more clue into the map, and successfully I got one. That Buddha Jayanti Park, was well within the Delhi Ridge just beside Pusa Hill in Delhi Forest range. So we ventured there - our own offbeat place to visit in Delhi. 
Buddha Jayanti Smarak Park is a well maintained park with loads of nature into it. It has a Buddha Statue gilded in gold right at the centre of the Park (it has 2 entrances). Its located in the centre of a small pond. Errr… Well, it’s one of the perfect places to visit in Delhi for couples. And we both felt LOST. No, that’s not a place to venture with a friend or a colleague. It’s one of those romantic places in Delhi to venture only with the better half!!! Sometimes its even referred to as the 'couple park in Delhi'. But true, Buddha would have run somewhere again renouncing the park itself.
Ok, coming to the brighter pastures. It was an amazing park with loads of greenery. Animals were so many and it is considered the green lunges of National Capital of India. 

Do keep in mind that this is different from Buddha Gardens in Delhi which is located about 10km away inside the University Enclave of Delhi University

From there did we head to the Pusa Hills? Wait n watch…

On Google Maps: Buddha Jayanti Park
Nearest Metro station: Jhandewalan
Can take a rick from there for around 30 bucks.

Apr - Sept: 5AM to 7PM
Oct - Mar: 6AM to 6PM

Dedicated to Ashwini
Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi Pinterest Buddha Jayanti Park, Delhi Pinterest


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  1. wow a greenish place in delhi!! was ur phone stolen? It takes some time for the reality to sunk in. Get over it quickly.

  2. Woww!!!!! Beautiful Photographs. Seems To Be A Very Beautiful Place.

  3. That's a great hat Mitr, very stylish. {:)

  4. hi

    Again nature photos, well done !

    about ur Samsung D780 ?


  5. Really a amazing travel blog .I visit a lot of blogs,This was really impressive with this writtings.

    book kerala honeymoon packages with us.

  6. wow ! sorry i forget it !!!

    thanks for reading and commenting on my blog post

  7. Very nice photos of the Squirrels playing around.

    Sorry to hear about your phone being lost. Hope you plan your next Phone with a GPS. It will be very useful for explorers like you. You can also choose to geotag the Photos you take to later find and share the exact spot on the map where you clicked the photos. You get them from a starting price of Rs 7500 and upwards.

    Regards, Senthil

  8. So sorry to learn about the loss. Photographs are beautiful and particularly the squirrels.

  9. This seems to be a wonderful park and one more place I missed in Delhi...

  10. thats the good thing abt delhi-monuments and gardens

  11. good stuff. i never bothered much about parks before. but each time i visit your blog, you have a new flavour :-)
    keep it coming

  12. @Subu,
    Yeah.. Its considered the Green Lungs of Delhi. And now am kinda ok...

    Yeah, its such a beautiful place!!!

    Thanks sweety.. :)

    Thank u.. :)

  13. @Happy Journey,
    Thank u.. :)

    U r welcome.. Its my pleasure.. :)

    Lets see. Still planning what phone to buy.. :)

    @ PN Subrmanian,
    Thanks for the concern. Glad u like the pics.. :)

  14. @Jose,
    Make sure its in ur next visit list.. :)

    Thank you.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Thanks sweetheart.. :)


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