Elephanta Caves Tour - Cannon Hills (Mumbai - Maharashtra)

Ultimate Guide to Elephanta Caves - Part 2

Continuing with more of Elephanta Caves or Elephanta Gufa or Gharapuri Caves. 

Elephanta Caves UNESCO Mumbai

Elephanta Caves UNESCO Mumbai

Elephanta Caves UNESCO Mumbai

Elephanta Caves UNESCO Mumbai

Elephanta Caves Museum
Apart from this main cave which includes so many marvelous pieces of art there are around 5 to 6 smaller caves that are incomplete. The cave has been constructed and the rooms and sanctum-sanctorum made, but there are no sculptures or images of God in these caves. The level of excavation in these caves are in various stages - from some almost near completion without sculptures, till some that have just begun to be excavated.

There is an onsite museum here which tells about the lores, legends and archaeological evidences of Elephanta, basically more Elephanta Caves information. Yeah, that’s me at the museum in the above pic.

From the Elephanta, in the same island, a path diverts from this Museum. One way leads to the caves, about which I wrote. The other pathway leads to the Cannon Hill. Cannon Hill gets its name from the huge cannons located in the top most positions of this island. These were left behind by the Portuguese. These 2 cannons could be rotated 360 degree, with the mechanisms below. There huge rooms located below these cannons. It was dark inside, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What if I am attacked by monkeys or bats? However I ventured inside, thankfully I didn’t meet anything. But these are really huge rooms which the Portuguese must have used for storing ammunition and cannon balls esp.

Cannon Hills - elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai

Cannon Hills - elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai

Cannon Hills - elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai

Views from elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai

Views from elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai

Enroute, I came across this wall which must have been a room once and now is just a wall. The window in this wall served as a perfect framing for this shot. The roots of the trees beside this wall has taken the most beautiful path to grow in the midst of the bricks. It was so beautiful.

How to reach Gateway of India: Refer my earlier post.
How to reach Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India: 
Elephanta Caves Ferry from Gateway of India takes about 1 hr.

ELEPHANTA CAVES TIMINGS: Tue to Sun - 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Elephants Caves Tickets for Indians & SAARC Nationals: Rs.35/-
Elephants Caves Entry Tickets for Foreigners: Rs.550/-

Elephants Caves tickets can be bought online on ASI's official website via ASI - PayUMoney app.
Choose Mumbai and choose Elephants Caves. Choose the date and proceed to give your ID details and pay.

ELEPHANTA CAVES HOTELS: There are no hotels or places to stay in Elephanta. Since this is 1hr away from Mumbai by ferry, it is easier to stay anywhere in Mumbai and do this as a day-trip.

WHERE TO EAT AT ELEPHANTA CAVES: There are a couple of eateries in this island, some kiosks that sell Indian food. However it is possible to bring your own food and eat a picnic in this island.

Dedicated to Rathish. Also courtesy of some photographs in this post.

Elephanta Caves Cannon Hills Mumbai

Elephanta Caves Cannon Hills Mumbai

Elephanta Caves Cannon Hills Mumbai

cannon hills - Elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai cannon hills - Elephanta caves - UNESCO Mumbai


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  1. Incredible pictures and an amazing place!

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  3. Though I am from Mumbai I never visited Elephanta but yes, the virtual tour by you is almost as I was present too. Too good. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

  4. Beautiful post and lovely shots !! To be honest i am visiting your blog after a year but trust me i really missed your blog a lot...Simply amazing post as ever !!Thanks for sharing !

  5. The carvings in your country are outstanding and they are everywhere!

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  7. @Phivos,
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