Gorai Beach - A secret beach in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

I missed Mumbai so badly for quite some time now –the people, the places, traveling by the local train, the high fashion to flea markets, the gift of nature in the suburbs – everything. I missed everything for quite some time now and I guess Mumbai too started to miss me. And so She (Madame Mumbai) called and I heeded to her invite. In simple words, business again took me to Mumbai and how could I possibly not go…
Gorai Beach Mumbai

Gorai Beach Mumbai

Gorai Beach Mumbai
And when a Sunday intercepted the trip, I was more than glad. I could go out somewhere and I went to……… I’ll come to that later in my next post. Another day post-work I checked the watch and it said 4:00. Perfect timing to venture to any beach to watch a soul-warming sunset. I called up my friend who was whining in office to join me and he readily agreed but I basically had no idea of where to go. Standing in the footbridge of Borivali railway station, I suddenly thought of Gorai Beach. But again had no idea of where it is. Thanks to my dear mobile phone and GPRS, I browsed and found that I was just few metres away from the place. Enquiring a fellow passenger who was standing beside about Gorai, he readily helped with a broad smile (like most Mumbaikars do). We took an auto and enquired about the place to get to get the ferry to reach Gorai. A 10 minutes ride and a 15 mins wait at the ferry point for the ferry to arrive, and I was on it. Here at this point ferries are available to Essel World (it’s a entertainment park) and Gorai.

Pretty similar to Manori, here too the ferry ride to Gorai was a regular means of transport. I’ll borrow a para from my Manori ferry ride, it fits here as a fiddle as well – “The boating here is not merely for tourists, it is for regular commuters, very much like in Kerala backwaters or Bengal Hugli. And Manori is not an island, as I was told. Its mainland separated by backwaters, an excellent place, though slightly crowded. The ferry trip here itself is something to experience - with people and cattle and vehicles transported. It’s very much usual for residents of Manori to ferry down to Marve mainland with their vehicles (not just scooty, it’s pretty much upto karizma and pulsar 220’s) and then travel roadways to their respective colleges and offices. As you ferry up to Manori (believe me, it’s just 5 bucks!), it’s an actually amazing experience of a typically overcrowded public transport, if you have already experienced and loved it.” Very similar to it, it’s again the mainland separated by water and here the ride is 10 bucks!!!
Gorai Beach, Mumbai

Instagram worthy beaches of Mumbai, Gorai

Beautiful sunsets of Mumbai, Gorai beach
As soon as we reached the other end of the journey, we were welcomed by the auto drivers so well to offer a ride to the beach. It was crazy expensive at 40 bucks for a 15 bucks distance, but with no other option left, we took one. It left us at the beginning of a little lane whose end was the beautiful, secluded beach. A short walk and we reached the beautiful beach. Not so secluded as Manori but still this won the second place in my heart. It had a gola counter, a chat counter, one or 2 beach games.

The sea had receded by the time we went. It is one of the common factors seen very clearly in Mumbai unlike Chennai where the sea receding is not so clear. Here the sea had gone atleast a 250m. As you may see the whole watery part is supposed to be the sea itself and the clear sand strip of land is alone the beach. With lush greenery of coconut trees, I loved the place so much.
See the distance to which the sea had receded behind me. If at all it starts rising, I would have been held up – swimming in sea is too too too different when compared to pool. Yeah, I know, my attire is funny for a beach, but what am I to do.? The business meets in the morning put me in a situation to wear it!!!
This was just an unusual shot I wanted to try. That’s my friend’s foot and I loved the reflection. And yeah, my friend has amazing photographic skills. That’s me as I turned... Yeah, I have a point to tell here. I told you already I was here directly from my business meets. Somehow, that particular day morning, my bag was over-whelming and I chucked out my cam. One of the rare days when I didn’t have my cam with me and one of those great days, when I ventured to a new place. Great combination, huh. Again (remember my trip to Pettavaithalai Koil without my cam.?) thanking my mobile phone on that!!!

As we walked the length of the beach we came across this portion of a bit rocky terrain. The rocks were filled with..... something. A lady there was taking something out of those ‘things’ with a sickle in her hand. I enquired her. Well, those were mussels. Considered a delicacy and one of the dishes you must try in Gorai, Mumbai. These mussels stick onto the rocks when the waves push them. But later when the waves recede, the oysters cannot go back to the sea, so are stuck onto the rocks, until the waves come to them again. This intermediate period is utilized by humans to 'hunt' them! I couldn’t help but feel sorry for those poor mussels, though.
The beach on the whole is sprawling with hardly any human interference. That’s my friend and how many humans do you see in the background? Hardly few. It is always this secluded nature of these roads less travelled make me go crazy about them. Fantastic shot isn’t it? I had to jump 4 times and he had to click 4 times to get the best flight in the frame. I just love this shot!!! Somehow this shot reminded me of Salar-de-Uyuni...!!
Mussels, unique street-food to try in Gorai

Gorai Beach Delicacy Clams

Romantic Sunset in Mumbai at Gorai Beach
The sun had begun to set by this time and I kept looking at the peacefulness of the scenario and feeling the peacefulness that filled me. The sunrays, kind of filled me. That was the last day in Mumbai and I was thinking of how badly am I gonna miss it. It was at this moment when I suddenly realized that my lunch never took place. A plate of Mumbai aamchi chaat of Channa Dal and a glass full of orange flavoured soft drink prepared locally, again, a local dish you must eat in Mumbai, and my hunger subsided.
Admiring the fantastic sunset, I told my friend “Perfect sunset, Perfect beach, Perfect climate – Wrong man”. He gave me a look and I instantly recognized that he was about to kill me anytime now. Well, Gorai is a must go with your soul mate or life partner or simply boy friend. Such a perfect place to spend, not just for the sunset, but even the whole day. A perfect dating paradise!!! This is definitely one of the best beaches near Mumbai and one of the most romantic places to visit near Mumbai for couples. 
A walk back to the ferry point made me come across the most beautiful sight of the birds’ flight. I was almost sure that I would miss this shot as I had closed my cell phone’s camera by now. I switched and on again and luckily got this shot.
Secret Beaches of Mumbai, Gorai

Ferry ride to Gorai Mumbai

Gorai Beach Mumbai Pinterest Gorai Beach Mumbai Pinterest
On Google Maps: Gorai Beach
Nearest station: Borivali (Western Line - Both Slow & Fast trains halt here)
Nearest Bus stand: Borivali
Auto could be taken to the ferry point of Gorai. Mumbai auto’s run in meter fare.
The ferry ride is around 15 mins and costs Rs.10 for one way.
Auto ride to reach the Gorai beach.
Alternatively, bikes or cycles could be taken.
These can also be transported by the ferry and on the other side the biking could continue.

Resorts in Gorai and beach hotels are available at all price points located very near to the beach in the beach lane itself. You can also stay in one of the Manori beach resorts which is located just 5km from here. While a stop-over here for a sunset, or a day-trip is enough, this is also one of the best beaches near Mumbai for weekend.

Dedicated to Rathish.

P.S. My trip to Mumbai was supposed to extend to Pune which came to an end abruptly, thanks to terrorists. The German Bakery bomb blast took place 2 days before this trip. May God hold the ones who were killed or maimed by this blast, close to him and may God take care of the survivors and the friends and relatives of the deceased ones to heal their scars physically and mentally. 


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  1. ""And so She (Madame Mumbai) called and I heeded to her invite.""

    ithu konjam over-ah illa!!

    ""Enquiring a fellow passenger who was standing beside about Gorai, he readily helped with a broad smile (like most Mumbaikars do). ""

    This is a common phenomenon not restricted to Mumbaikars alone. :-)

  2. First time hearing a overcharge about Mumbai Autodrivers. But Mumbai auto's are reasonable and not like Chennai Autodrivers...

  3. Beautiful shots on the beach. Until now I was not aware of such a beautiful place.

    Maharani Sakhya Raje Scindia Chattri, Shivpuri

  4. BEAUTIFUL... the first video gave me goosebumps.. cuz am scared of CRABBY :( second video was toooooo beautiful :)

    Perfect post too :D

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  5. @Nags,
    But I found Mumbaikars are lot lot lot more friendlier than any where else..

    That's right. But in places like these where there are no other modes of transport at all, this happens. Happened in Manori as well.

    Glad that I could introduce the place to you!!! :)

    Thanks a lot, honey.

    My friend wanted me to hold it in my hand so he could film it. I said a big no. Lolz.
    Thanks di chellam..
    Of course, How can I forget your wedding gift.?

  6. i'm damn jealous of you pa ,u seem to travel alot & enjoy places...
    Touchwood :)

  7. Hi Friend! Lovely post! Your shot in the air is gorgeous!! Lucky friend... ;))
    And the sunset is awesome!!

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    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Welcome Back to India! I could see the happiness in the photos and the writings as well :)) The feel of India makes you really happy especially you had gone outside for sometime!! Loved your photo in the air.. awesome shot yar :)

  9. I'm so glad you had time to enjoy Mumbai with its sort-of unexpected beauty and charm.

    So nice of you to share the pictures and videos :)

  10. @Phivos,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    Seriously touch wood. Its all these travels that keep me going... And all your comments & support that keep this blog going... :) Thanks dear.. :)

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    Thanks again esp. for the compliment on that pic.. :)

    Its my pleasure dear.. :)

  11. Hi Greetings:)

    Beach trips are always exciting especially duing summer. I remember the Marina beach in Chennai gets flooded with people in summer just to sit and relax in the balmy breeze. An added attraction is the Lovers Park in the Marina.

    I enjoyed reading your excellent write up with lovely photos. I remembered my days in Chennai and Goa beaches and ofcourse now I keep visiting some beaches near Kochi which are not as the good as the ones in Goa and Chennai.

    Have a nice day:)

  12. @Joseph,
    Very true. Ha ha... The Marina... I've hardly been there twice. Am allergic to the crowd... I'd rather prefer the secluded beaches...!!!
    Am glad I could kindle your sweet memories in beaches.. :)

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  14. Very nice post and also very nice photography.Even mobile phones can be used to capture pretty decent photos,even i do it :)

  15. Dear Mehul,
    Thanks for dropping by blog and thanks again for dropping a comment. Do drop in often.. :)
    Very true, my cell phone is the savior on freaky days like this... :)

  16. Great article with all the details I was looking for! I am going there right away!

  17. @Zubin Mehta, Enjoy!!! I'm sure you'll love the place as much as I did! :)
    @Unknown Mami, Thank you so much! I should thank my friend for helping me out of that. We tried 3 times, before we got the 4th one in the correct flight! :)

  18. Thanks a lot for Info.. It really helped me in exploring the place so easily. Planning to visit this place very soon. :)

  19. Yea beaches around Mumbai is not that clean, but beaches still gives pleasure and happiness to mind and body with the cool breeze and open sky view.


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