Chateau de Versailles - Part III (Paris - France)

So here is the final part of Versailles Palace.

The next room in the Queen’s Noble Salon. This was originally the antechamber of Queen Marie-Therese. Then this room became the Grand Cabinet. The ceiling of this room has Mercury surrounded by Arts and Sciences painted by Michel II Corneille. There is a portrait of Louis XV here in this room in royal array.

The furniture in this room was commissioned for Marie Antoinette from Jean Henry Riesener in 1786. The carpet below is the Savonnerie Carpet woven under Louis XIV.

Following this was the Guard Room. As the name denotes this is the room of the guard of the Queen in 1680. On the ceiling of this room is decorated with Jupiter along with Justice and Piety. Over the fireplace in this room is the painting of the Sacrifice to Jupiter.

The other painting in this room is The Childhood of Jupiter in Mount Ida.

After this room I proceeded to the most important room – The Coronation Room. This room has the famous painting of the Coronation of Napoleon. This denotes Empress Josephine being crowned in Notre Dame of Paris on 2nd Dec 1804 painted by Jacques Louis David.

This is a zoomed in image of Empress Josephine, King Napoleon, and the Pope. I just love her long robe. Seems to have been embroidered in the best of the silks available.

The other painting in this room is of the Army taking oath of allegiance to Napoleon after the distribution of Eagles in Champs de Mars.

The other painting in the room is the Battle of Aboukir.

In this huge painting I spotted out this particular person in the battle. He looks like an Indian, esp. a Rajput. Also I could spot an African, a Negro in this painting. I do not the specifications behind this painting or the identity of them, but unquestionably they are Indian & Negro. This was painted by Antoine Jean Gros in 1806.

This last room had several, should be a few hundreds of portraits of several royal family members.

He is Nepoleon Boneparte and me in front of him.

Again with this beautiful chandelier I bring this final part of Chateau De Versailles to an end.


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  1. Bhusha'vukku pinaadi Napolean'e irukaar....Jakkirathaai..

  2. Lovely paintings. Travelling and blogging show us such beautiful things..

  3. All the paintings are really beautiful...
    Ur wondeful descriptions sums up a really neat post :)

  4. Unique paintings :-)
    I think you had a great time in France :-)
    I know its beautiful
    I visit it often
    (Paris is only 4 hours from my home with car !)

  5. Seems you have had an excellent time in France.

  6. @Jij,
    Enna Jij nakkala...

    Yeah... Travelling is always so exciting...

    Thanks dear... Thank you so much...

    Wow... U r so lucky to be so near to France...

    Yeah.. Very true..


  7. The paintings in the palace are amazingly beautiful and you have captured them very nicely. Wonderful tour.

    Stone Chariot, Hampi

  8. oye need to talk to u. my no is 9176634007. call or msg me. i wanna c if u r really a fashion designer :D

  9. @Rajesh,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    I'll call u.. Yeah I am a designer. Unakku ennada doubt.???

  10. Hello Greetings:)

    Beautiful paintings. French history lives in these lovely paintings. Amazing photos.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day:)


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