Chateau de Versailles - Part I (Paris - France)

So, what did I do on that Sunday.? I had the very option of going to Eiffel Tower. But with the thick fog and winter I did not expect any view of the city from atop. And as I am always, I did not want to see that same Eiffel Tower which everyone else saw. I wanted to go somewhere else. I thought of Louvre Museum and the other option put in front of me was Versailles Palace and other options were several cathedrals. And finally after brainstorming I decided ‘Versailles Palace’.

Sunday morning after a typical French vegetarian breakfast (that’s a French Bread, Butter, Jam, An orange juice and A hot chocolate – all for 6 Euros. Errr.. Ok. Lemme not get into conversions now, or else this post to would go like China Trip post with full economics), we headed off to Versailles in Paris Metro.

After reaching the Versailles Reve Gauche Metro station a small walk took me to the lane from where the view of the palace was exquisite.

I reached the palace and took the entry ticket and went in. The comfortable part was having that audio guide to explain all the details of each and every room. A small remote control like thingy with a headset with a keypad – that was the headset. Each and every room had a board that said a 3 digit number which has to be dialed in this remote which activated an automated message on the headset about that room.

Versailles Palace was built in 17th Century when Louis XIV fell in love with Versailles and decided to move his court and palace here and did the same in 1682.

As we went in the first to witness was the Royal Chapel. This was built in 1699 to 1710 by Jules Hardouin-Mansarrt and Robert de Cotte. This is 2 storeyed – the first floor for the King and Royal family, the second for others.

As I proceeded to the next room I just peeped out of the window to see the exquisite view of the enormous garden against the cloudy grey sky.

The next room was called the Hercules Drawing Room. This is essentially a ballroom. The painting on the ceiling was about Hercules entering the Kingdom of Gods, painted by Francois Lemoyne. There was something special along the border of this painting. On the edges what seemed like sculptures were that realistically painted flat surfaces. It took some time for me to make out if it was painting or sculpture.!!!

This painting is located above the fireplace. This is called Elieser and Rebecca, painted by Veronese. I especially loved the lighting in this painting. The bag had a streak of light on it – that’s something special. Isnt’t it.?

Opposing this is Christ at the House of Siman the Pharisee again painted by Veronese in 1664. There were several portraits and busts of several people of the royal family in every room and along the pathway too.

The next was the Venus Drawing Room which was a kinda dining hall where several fruits and buffet were kept during evenings of receptions and other celebrations. Here right on the ceiling was Venus, the Goddess of Love, by Rene Antoine Houasse.

Centrally placed was a statue of Louis XIV himself.

Next room was the Diane Drawing Room which was originally the King’s billiard room which later became a ballroom. On the ceiling was Diana, the Goddess of Hunting by Gabriel Blanchard.

Centrally placed is the very famous marble bust of Louis XIV.

Travelling to the next room I spotted this window latch. I was just amazed at the amount of artistry put on a simple window pane latch!!!

Next was the Mars Drawing Room. On the ceiling was Mars, the God of wars, himself in a chariot driven by Wolves, painted by Claude II Andren.

That is David playing the Harp by Dominichino in 1620. Then was there a painting of the Family of Darius at Alexander’s Feet painted by Charles Le Brun.

This one is called Pilgrims of Emmaus by Veronese. I dunno, somehow, the character centrally placed in this painting in the Red Robe with a Blue Shawl makes me think of it as Jesus Christ. Well, I dunno, I have no clue.

That is Queen Marie Lenzezinska. Do you need any other evidence to understand their wealth and grandiose. K. Lemme get back to you with the other rooms and their paintings in the coming posts. Isn’t this going too long.???


In Paris:

Located in Zone 4. So Paris City metro pass would require an extension.

Nearest RER Station: Versailles Reve Gauche aka Chateau de Versailles

RER Lines: C5 (Yellow Line). The last station is ours.


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  1. LOng ??????
    Nope ,am pretty much enjoying seeing these pics :)
    Keep em comin...

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  2. A great place to visit and a comprehensive post for travellers.

  3. Wonderful post
    I know France is beautiful :-)
    Great shots and nice lines written !!

  4. Oh la la Paris!! sorry that the weather is not nice..

  5. Wonderful post of a wonderful chateau!

  6. Hi Mitr, I have only seen this place at night from the outside, thanks for showing us inside.
    So are you saying you haven't been to the Galeries Lafayette Department store yet. Tut! Tut.!
    The Opera House is always worth a look as well.

  7. Pics are too good and a very detailed post :) :) Loved it... wow.. I wanna visit Paris now :P ipave ipave :) after reading your post :)

  8. Wowww!!!!!! Sooo Beautiful Paris!!

  9. Hi Fiend! Sorry for another long absence, but after a busy start of the year I decided to make a break during the Carnival week, anticipating new hard weeks ahead!!

    Wow! You look gorgeous on your Paris trip. Quite appropriate for Versailles!! I'm sure you're having a great time!!

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 (there is a ne one, you know...) is in Haiti, waiting for your comments. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  10. @Sathish,
    Thank you.. :)
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    Very true. France is really beautiful...

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    Yeah.. The weather was so chill. Atleast there was no snow!!!

  11. @Jose,
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    U r welcome dear.. :) Missed out the Opera.. But did make to Galeries Lafayette... Check out my next post!!!

    Polamdi.. Let's go...

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    Yeah!!! I had a great time in Paris!!! Thanks dear...
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  12. Stanning pictures, very beautiful.Because you are a star and you like the art, please have a look here STAR!

  13. Beautiful tour of the palace. Loved every bit of it. The paintings are marvelous.

    Gujari Mahal, Gwalior

  14. Hi Friend! Happy Holi. Great Festival of Colours!!

    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter 2 is still in Haiti, now at Malfini Beach. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!!

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