Chateau de Versailles - Part II (Paris - France)

Lemme continue the display of the extravaganza of Versailles Palace… The next room is the Mercury drawing room, which is a Ceremonial Chamber. At the centre of the ceiling is Mercury, the God of arts and science painted by Jean Baptiste de Champagne.

On either sides of the wall are Queen Marie Lenzezinska and Louis XV. Asking the same question that I asked in the last post - Do you need any other evidence to understand their wealth and grandiose.???

This clock placed in this room has its own automations, made by Antonie and presented to Louis XIV in 1706. Automated clocks in this era are not so common and it was the period when the technology started to pioneer.

The bed placed in this room is adorned with 18th C embroidery and is commissioned by King Louis Philippe in the 19th C. The only thought that got into my mind when looking at this was if I ever happen to own something as flamboyant as this, I would never have the will to sleep on this. I’d rather keep as a showpiece and sleep on the floor!!!!!

The next room is the Apollo Salon. This was formerly the King’s chamber which later became the Throne room (explains the presence of a Throne here!). At the centre of the ceiling is Apollo, the sun god.

She is a Candelebra, basically a candle holder and is made of wood, would you believe it.? Yes, its gilded wood..!!!

Next is the War-Drawing Room. Then there is a Peace-Drawing Room. Both of these are perfectly in symmetry. The walls of this room are entirely sheathed with marbles and other precious and semi precious stones and metals.

The next is the Hall of Mirrors.

Filled with exquisite paintings and sculptures and delicate crystal chandeliers too!!!

On the side of this room is the Bull’s Eye Room. It gets its name from the window atop. This is oval in shape and is attached to the ceiling.

This room is essentially a waiting room for the courtiers before they get the permission into the King’s bedroom. Ha! Guess he enjoyed his life to the fullest!!!

You should have guessed what room could follow it now! Yeah – King’s Bedroom!!! This was his room from 1701 to 1715 when he died. And the traditional ceremonies of his rising and going back to bed took place in this room!!! Again, if I were to get this bed, I’d never sleep on it and just preserve it as a showpiece!!!!!

This is the Peace-Drawing room as said earlier.

This painting here depicts Louis XV giving peace to Europe painted by Francois Lamoyne in 1729.

Regular readers would know I get a ‘child luck’ everytime. This time too!!! Soooo cute, aren’t they.?

Now, lemme take a leave and get back to you again with the last part of Versailles Palace. Bye for now!!!

P.S. This last para of this post is esp. for Roy, who asked me why I missed Galeries Lafayette. Nope, my dear Roy. I did go there. Did a great deal of window shopping!!! Lolz…


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  1. It looks like you went everywhere in Paris. The pictures of the palace are beautiful, especially the chandeliers. How people lived!

    Great trip, it must quite an experience. Especially for the designer in you.

  2. Hi Friend! So you did iy all; including the Galleries... ;) Great pictures!

    Blogtrotter 2 is waiting for you in Haiti, now at Malfini Beach. Enjoy and have a great time!!

  3. Great pics.. nee sonna mari.. andha mari oru bed irundha :P thookame varadhu enaku :P kekekeke... nice pics... lovely.. :):)

  4. The sheer beauty of these places makes them a must visit ,Paris is more likely the places i might go especially thanks to your beautiful descriptions :)

  5. Truly the pictures are King Size..good one

  6. France is beautiful; thanks for showing it with your lens :)

  7. Beautiful!!!!!Fabulous!!!!!! Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) :)

  8. "Only" window shopping Mitr.?? I'm impressed at your restraint.
    Thanks for posting this.{:)

  9. @Ocean Gal,
    Yeah.. The kings had lived a too luxurious life.. Unimaginable!!!

    :) Thanks sweet heart.. :)

    Yup di... Can't sleep on 'THAT' bed!!! Lolz.. :)

    Wherever you go, go to the places less travelled. You'll enjoy the place for what it is actually!!!

  10. @Hi Deepa,
    Welcome to my blog.. Thanks dear for dropping by n commenting.. So drop in often.. :)

    U r welcome honey.. :)

    U r welcome sweety.. :)

    My sweet heart!!! :)
    This last pic is esp. for you for the question you posted... U r welcome dear.. :)

  11. Very impressive place. Lucky you are, to have the chance to visit this palace!! Have a great day my dear friend.

  12. @Phivos,
    Thanks dear... I am indeed lucky to have been to such a beautiful city - Paris..

  13. Your palace in France, my chief's palace in an African village -- okay not the same. But hey, I had lunch with the chief in mine! ;) Great pictures!

    Here's my African palace tale:

  14. Wonderful palace. Each room in the palace is beautiful and unique.

    Tomb of Tansen, Gwalior

  15. Amazing shots! Enjoyed seeing them.

  16. Wonderful shots!!!
    I love it always to visit France :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. @Miss Footloose,
    You're lucky to have lunch with the chief. Thanks.. :)

    Yeah.. It was a wonderful experience to be there.

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Thanks sweetheart...


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