Vazhachal Forest - A Picture Album

Continuing with our drive through the rich, dense, beautiful Vazhachal Forest route...

Vazhachal Forest

More of Tea Estates & Tea Plantations in Valparai.
Valparai Tea Estates

Tea Plantations Valparai, Vazhachal Forest

Tea Estates Valparai, Vazhachal Forest

More of the rich vegetation, water bodies, little streams & large rivers...

Vazhachal Forest photos

Vazhachal Forest images

Vazhachal Forest Athirapally Falls

Vazhachal Forest Athirapally Falls

Vazhachal Forest

Vazhachal Forest route

Vazhachal Forest Pinterest Vazhachal Forest Pinterest



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  1. Its a wonderful view
    It makes my day !!!!
    Here is all white from the snow ;)
    Great photo collection.

  2. Exquisite snaps from Gods Own Country!

  3. Paradise, yes!!! Beautiful post Mitr! I have to say I got a little misty-eyed watching the videos! This winter has been very tough, I can't wait to see the green forest again! I love the panorama photo, what a splendid idea to paste them all! I love it! :))))

  4. What a beautiful place. I love the thick forests and the rushing waters.

  5. Very very beautiful... exotic place in Kerela isn't it??? Loved all your pics :)

  6. I visited this place while I was a college student. Your pics made the place look more beautiful than I remember it.

  7. Hello Greetings:)

    You have captured the beauty of nature in its greatest display of magic,wonder and glory. It is a long,long time since I have witnessed such an amazing,awe inspiring scenery.Nature at its best.

    I used to visit places like Munnar, Thekkady, Wynad etc. But never had the time to stop and admire the gorgeous beauty lying all around me since I was more concerned about my business responsibilitis. You have really done a wonderful job of displaying naure in all its splendour.

    Have a nice day:)

  8. Alluring pics pa :)
    the way u put up places in ur blog makes them a must visit :)

    keep up the good work ...
    cheers !!!!

  9. @Anya,
    Thank you sweethearrt... Snow hasn't melted yet..???!!!!

    @Ram Sir,
    Definitely it is God's own country...

    It is indeed a paradise, no...??? Such a splendid place it was... Hope u winter subsides soon and you get to enjoy spring soon...

    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Thanks di chellam.. :)

  10. @Sanand,
    Its such a beautiful place.. Beyond description on words.. :)

    Yes. You're right.. When its business, its always business first... But it is also a fact that, there is no point in trying so hard to make a living that we forget to make a life.. So I make it a point to take my own time out to enjoy life.. :)

    Thank you so much dear.. You're so encouraging.. :)

  11. Nice post.

    Will you be interested in tloggin instead of blog? We are developing a concept called tlog specifically for travel or event logs.

  12. @Its different,
    I'll let you know!!! :)

    Yup. This place is where Mother Nature won her beauty pageant I guess!!!


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