Surajkund Ancient Reservoir - One Day trip from Delhi (Faridabad - Haryana)

When I went to New Delhi, on one fine day, my mom opted to visit Surajkund. I thought 'Why not?'. So we hired a taxi and zoomed away. It was a pretty long ride from New Delhi and one of the interesting places to visit near Delhi.

Ancient Surajkund Reservoir
We reached there and there was a huge Bastar Cat entrance that was locked. My mom said that it was where the annual Surajkund mela happens, that opens only once a year. We walked on in a random direction. Well, actually Suraj Kund means Sun Lake literally. It’s essentially a Sun temple with a reservoir or a lake along side. An ancient wisdom of rain water harvesting. This temple is now in ruins but the reservoir is still in a good condition. And my mom was particular about visiting this ruined monument and the ancient water reservoir
We were strolling nearby. It was lush green with several cottages. It has the tourist complex and famous Rajhans Hotel. It’s maintained as a perfect tourist spot for the annual Surajkund Festival, but otherwise has very less visitors. And not many were aware of this Sun Temple. On the way, we found someone who we thought might know the whereabouts of the Sun temple. He was accompanied by a little boy who was carrying few cans of water to his village and asked him to show us the place. He said that the place was a bit far and requires some amount of walking as it’s inaccessible by car. We asked him if he could lead the way and take us to the place for which he readily accepted and started walking. There was this herd of cattle that was beside, resting below the trees. It was a mixed population of both cows and bulls and some calves too.

Ancient Surajkund Reservoir - one day trip from Delhi
Pic Courtesy: By Varun Shiv Kapur - originally posted to Flickr as Surajkund 03 via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0
One white cow kept seeing us. And suddenly it happened - it just charged on us. All 4 of us just screamed and scattered in 4 different directions and now the cow got confused as to continue its fight with whom. It took a momentary glance of us all and then it must have made up its mind. It decided on the boy who accepted to lead us. It charged on him! He dropped down the cans of water and ran for his life! He was a smart fellow (and so are many from villages. They have this survival instinct more than anyone else). He ran towards a bush far away, and started running around it. The cow (or should I say ‘the wild cow’) followed him to the bush and made 2 circles around the bush and became tired. He ran back to safety towards us. By this time, the cow got tired and relaxed and went back to its herd and sat down. God knows what happened to that particular cow at that time. It belonged to a huge herd of atleast 15-20 cattle, and among them only she got wild while the rest of ‘em all were happily sitting and munching off. Ha! Experiences!

Then the boy took charge again and we started off again! Courage, you know, courage… Inspite of a heck of a start, we re-started again. This time things went smooth. We took a slight deviation to avoid that white cow. When we reached there I was spellbound. That was the first time in my life I saw such a beautiful step-well. This was built during the Tomar dynasty in 10th C CE by King Suraj Pal. It was again renovated by Firuz Shah Tughlaq. (You may remember him as the builder of Hauz Khas Complex about which I has told in one of my previous posts). 
Historic Surajkund Reservoir - One day trip from Delhi
Pic Courtesy: By Varun Shiv Kapur - originally posted to Flickr as Surajkund panoramic via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

Lotus at Surajkund reservoir
It is a circular construction depicting a rising sun. It sprawls through 99 acres which is almost filled up every monsoon. I can assure you it was an engineering marvel. Reason – I went there at the end of summer, beginning of June. It was 40 degree C (not F!). Inspite of it, it had not completely dried up. It was filled to a decent level though not brimming with water. But for that temperature, it wasn’t bad at all. And let me tell you, the temperature would have easily touched 45 deg C in the peak of summer in mid-May. The reservoir has passed through that too and without and rain in between, the water was to a decent level. 
The pond was filled with beautiful lilies and lotuses. There were a few ducks in it as well. Kind Suraj Pal had built temples for Sun God in the western bank of the reservoir, but it doesn't exist anymore. 
We sat there for some time and enjoyed the tranquility and returned back hoping I wouldn’t meet that white cow again!!! When the Surajkund Craft Mela isn't happening, there are hardly any people here, and it is a perfect, tranquil one day trip from Delhi for a nice picnic.

P.S. I couldn’t be a part of the Surajkund Craft Mela when I went. It happens from 1st to 15th Feb of every year. Traditional artists and craftsmen from all over India come here to exhibit their skill and put up their stalls. This includes crafts, arts, food etc. And every year the fest is theme based on different themes of Indian arts and crafts. During Surajkund Craft Mela it is filled with people and becomes one of the tourist places near Delhi.
P.S. After Surajkund, we also went to Badkal Lake nearby (10 km southwards towards Faridabad) which was completely dried up due to the scorching summer.. :(

On Google Maps: Surajkund Reservoir
Nearest railway station: Surajkund

From New Delhi: 23 km Southwards via Okhla Industrial Estate
From Noida: 18 km Southwards via Tughlaqabad Railway Stn
From Gurgaon: 37 km Eastwards via Sultanpur. Lado Sarai
From Faridabad: 16 km Northwards on Surajkund Badkal Lake Road

There are hotels here at all price points from budget hotels to luxury hotels like Hotel Vivanta by Taj, Surajkund and Atrium Hotel Surajkund. Just beside the reservoir is the Rajhans Hotel, Surajkund.

Dedicated to Mom & Pop


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  1. Nice authentic place to visit, and Mysore is still in the list to visit, famous with Ashtangga yoga. I love lotuses, have one at home surrounded with guppies.

  2. Very interesting trip. Thanks for taking us along with you :))

  3. Hi Friend! Profiting from today’s holiday – the 99th anniversary of the Republic in Portugal - I’m happy to have some more time to surf the net and enjoy your blog!
    Can vote only once, I believe...
    I've not been to this place; another reason to get back!! ;)
    Blogtrotter is showing you Antalya. Enjoy and have a great week!

  4. Hey this is cool. Really looks like a nice place to sit and relax. The only problem with these kind of places is that if you got no watch, you won't realize how much time you already spent there :-)

    - Pixellicious Photos

  5. Nice post.
    The pictures have come out particularly nice. Even if the mela was not here it is a great place to be. In my opinion it gets too crowded during the mela.
    I also liked the road leading to the Suraj kund right after MadanGhir.
    We used to drive up to the border at times to get some Beer in odd hours of the day. There used to be two pubs near the border and tables were laid among the rocks! I wonder if those are still there.
    Glad to know that you reside in Delhi. I used to be there till the mid nineties.

  6. @Babypose,
    Do visit India dear.. Its an incredible nation.. :) You'll love it..

    I am glad on that.. :)

    Happy Republic Day dear.. :) So glad that you took a bit of your time for my blog as well.. :)
    And ya, you can vote only once from one mail id..

  7. @Kcalpesh,
    Thanks dear... That's absolutely true.. :)

    Thanks for your compliments dear. Ya, the place does get crowded during the mela. That would have been so cool to go biking in that region...

  8. One more place I have not visited in Delhi and it looks just great!

  9. Wow what an experience with the cows. They don't normally attack, except if you were wearing red. Well at least that is what I have heard.

    India is such a wondrous country with deep history. The architecture you posted is so mystical with the ducks and lotuses in the ponds.

    Thank you for sharing Mitr-Friend.

  10. @Jose,
    One more place added to your 'must visit next time' list.. :)

    @Ocean Girl,
    Ha ha.. Know what, I was not very comfortable with white cows for a month or so after that incident. And, cows dont see colors, so I guess color of the dress wasn't an issue (Incidently I was wearing Red on that day!!!).
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

  11. Funny experience with the cow, and a lovely lake.

  12. Interesting read blv me :) and whoa wat-ay experience with that "Wild cow".. I would've screamed and would've brought the hell down :P Loved it Bhusha :) sorry got tied up with work, preps for ejjams and sleep :P

  13. Hi Mitr Friend Bhushavali,

    Nice trip.

    It's only India where you'll see cows everywhere.

    Another Travel Blog

  14. Wow!!
    its a relaxing place there :)
    It looks all fantastic !!
    Once I will visit your country :))))

  15. @Janie,
    I know. That's really so funny... :D
    Thanks dear..:)

    Hee hee hee... 'Wild Cow' - Ha ha ha.. :D ROTFL...
    All the best di. Do ur exams well.. :)

    That's true. Its a holy animal dear, so its ought to be seen everywhere.

    Welcome to India. Do visit atleast once.. :)

    Thanks a lot dear.. :)

  16. very cool. looks like a place i would like to visit. thanks for taking us along with you.

  17. Good information, liked the descriptions too. The step well indeed is a feat of engineering. LOL about the cow "attacking" you guys. Now, why would a poor cow do that? heheheh...nice to read such anecdotes.

  18. an experience to share and an experience that one [cownot]/cannot forget.... :D

  19. @Brian,
    Its my pleasure dear... :)

    That'z true.. These step wells are seen all over Gujarat & Rajasthan. Its all a architechtural marvel...
    And abt the cow, wish I knew why it reacted.. :P

    //Cownot forget// - Lolz!!!

    Yup. I was wearing a red salwar. But the fact is that the cows dont see colors.. Dunno, what happened!!! Ha!!

  20. தோழி

    மிக அருமையான படைப்பு . நன்றிகள் பல

  21. Hi Thala,
    Thanks a lot for dropping by. Its been a very very long time since you visited.. Do visit often. :)


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