Don Bosco Church Matunga (Mumbai - Maharashtra)

It was December ‘08 and I was in Mumbai. And on a trial to make a boring Sunday lively, I asked my aunt about the possible nearby locations. She told me of this church which was the filming location for some scenes Amar Akbar Anthony movie. I said fine. So, we started in a cab and got dropped near Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna which is commonly referred to as Don Bosco Church Matunga. 

As said earlier it was December and the church was in full swing to get ready for Christmas celebrations. This is a church and school attached together. This relatively new Mumbai church was built in 1955, but it is one of the famous churches in Mumbai.

Don Bosco's Madonna Church, Matunga, Mumbai

Christmas at Don Bosco Church Matunga

The entrance of the church itself impressed me a lot. It was tall structure with painted glass of St. Don Bosco (aka John Bosco – 1815 to 1888) surrounded by kids and being blessed by Baby Jesus and Mother Mary. As I went inside, was this centrally placed, larger than life sized doll of Baby Jesus on the floor. Atop was the altar of Mother Mary holding Baby Jesus. The central table had Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper encraved on it. Above the altar near the roof, were these amazing stained glass art.
The crib was beautifully setup with half-life-size dolls. The whole decoration was so pleasing and elegant. Not to forget the efforts taken by the school kids to imitate fire with little fans set up with orange lights and butter paper sheets.

Amar Akbar Anthory has Amitabh Bachchan portraying the role of Anthony who is raised by the priest of this church, in the movie.

Church scenes begin at 3:48 till 8:00

Don Bosco's Madonna Church Amar Akbar Anthony Shooting Location

Mon - Fri: 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 18:30
First Fridays: 6:00, 6:45, 7:00, 7:30, 18:30
Sundays: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 18:30
All masses are in English

From Andheri
       By Roadways:  14 km via SV Rd
       Nearest metro station: Harnour Line – King’s Circle Station
From CST/ VT
       By Roadways: 11 km via Sandhurst, Sewri
       Nearest Metro Station: Harbour Line – Wadala Station; Central Line – Matunga Station

Dedicated to my aunt, Kalyani


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  1. Beautiful pics :) and your narration is stunning :)

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely words written :)
    Fantastic post !!

  3. Hi Mitr

    Sorry For the Mistake...Your blogs are nice and keep blogging ...Bye

  4. It looks like a very lovely church. Thanks for sharing

  5. B,
    What makes a trip to the local church interesting? Colorful idols? Colored glasses and high ceilings? Religion and its insulated stories? I never asked myself those questions honestly. May be I want to know your thoughts.

  6. Hi Sow,
    Thanks sweety. :)

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  7. @Avi,
    Long time no C... Enga irukkireer...??? Aalaye kaanom...
    Generally something new and ONLY devotional does not catch my fancy. There has to be something more in it.
    Like generally, the temples I go are atleast 5 or 6 centuries old. That's why as u may see, I went only to Haji Ali Dargah and not to Mahalaxmi Mandir as its too new for me. U know the age of India. Our history stands today to be seen by us, right from 6th C BC (for eg. Ajanta Cave Paintings). So something built in 18th or 19th C AD is not my piece of cake. :)
    Or it has to be a nature trail.
    I went to this local church coz the movie Amar Akbar Antony was shot there. And I wanted to relate the scenes to the actual church. :)

  8. i liked the first pic very much. if you have a high resolution pic of it mail me

  9. I love stained glass and the way the different light at varying times of the day changes the colours. Wonderful.

    These pictures are great, you captured the images and colours really well. It's nice that you could take photographs, lots of churches now don't allow it.

    I always love the nativity scenes in churches. My favourite time of year in the religious calendar. Just don't like the weather here in December.

  10. love the architecture and artwork in old churches...nice post.

  11. @Phivos,
    Thanks a lot dear.. :)

    Thank you. Would mail it soon. :)

    That's absolutely true... The whole appearance of the church's interior completely changes with the play of light with the stained glass panels.
    Thank you for your appreaciation. :)

    Thanks dear.. :) Thanks a lot.. :)

  12. I like the silence in the not so famous would be so serene, especially if there are colored glasses and no artificial lights...n yeah, glad you lykd da pic, juz one of those dez to eat time!

    This post reminded of my visits. Altar looks beautiful n I would always be in love with those stained glasses.

  13. I've been there! It's a very holy divine and pleasant place! Thanks for sharing the pics and info!

  14. @Sujay,
    Very true... Roads less travelled and places less visited always has a sense of tranquility in it.

    My pleasure, Kcalpesh. :)

  15. Hi Friend!
    Lovely post, wonderful pictures!!

    Blogtrotter has some more Rural Iceland before the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

  16. I like the art work. Photos and descriptions are beautiful.

  17. @GMG,
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  18. The Bollywood connection is interesting. :)
    Lovely shots!

  19. Hi Bhusha
    Superb pics & description of Don Bosco church. Incidentally you gave me the first blog award a couple of months ago. At that time I was not aware that I am supposed to display the same on my side bar. I have now placed it on my side bar. Thanks once again for your kind appreciation.I really value it!

    Have a great day. Ram

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  21. Beautiful post. Loved the painting and sculptures. Nice to know about the history of this church.

  22. that was lovely! though am a mumbaikar have not visited this church yet! thanks for sharing

  23. @Rajesh,
    Thank you.. :)

    @Magic Eye,
    Thanks dear. Do visit the church on some weekday, so that you can enjoy the art and architechture of the church which is impossible on an Sunday.

  24. Nice post, I have never been there. I too, like you, delve into things that are far more ancient. However, I do appreciate architecture, even modern ones (I'd call this modern since it is a 20th Century building)

  25. Hi Anup,
    Thank u. And, very true. It is modern. Ancient things that have withstood everything till date are the ones that fill me with awe..

  26. Thank you for visiting us on the blog, and worrying about me =)
    Today was a miracle, I am much better! Then if you want, look the news at my blog ^^

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  28. i am planning to visit thanks for providing this infromation

  29. @Aarti,
    Glad I could help!!! Do visit the church and share your experiences with us!!! :)


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