Trip to Hyderabad in School Days - Strictly Musings!!!

After my last post, I did get bombarded by mails and phone calls from my school friends asking, “How could you forget ‘that’ incident and ‘this’ incident” etc etc etc… And complaints, that this is a true trip summary than musings and memories of the trip.
K. So now am compiling few of those incidents which took place. This is likely to be edited soon with more musings and remembrances from the rest of my school mates.
To begin with, here's one of my train travel stories. On our arrival at the railway station late, almost 10 mins for the departure of the train, a friend who was ahead, climbed up the stairs of the walking-bridge to reach the particular platform. She was so sweet enough to wait at half the way for us to catch up. But we had other plans. With the delayed arrival of ours and the adrenalin rush to catch the train, we just jumped and crossed the tracks (yes, it is unsafe, very very unsafe)! Once we reached the train, we were wondering, what happened to her, she was quite ahead of us. She, after waiting 5 mins, came to the train to find us already reached. After serious scolding from her, we settled in our compartment.
Trip to Hyderabad from Chennai
One is that a friend in our gang was too photo-shy. So at Hyderabad, the rest in our gang made it a point to capture her in as many frames as we could. Unfortunately, for the non-advent of digi-cams, or rather the too costly advent of digi-cam which made it almost non reachable for common man (and woman, like me), all we had were the traditional camera with a roll inside and a spare roll. The total no. of photos itself was less and the ones that had her were less as well. But today she’s a part of a leading IT Firm and she is nowhere near photo-shy. Infact in most of her company photos, with her colleagues, she is seen in front and in casual photos, she is seen always as the centre of attraction. Well, I know she is gonna scold me for revealing this! Still, sweetheart I didn’t put up your name, right.
At the Golconda Fort lawns, we had our lunch. After eating, we returned to our tourist bus and the driver and cleaner were there. By this time, they became quite friendly with us. They could manage a broken English and they had no idea of Tamil and we had no idea of Telugu. Still, he was sweet enough to enquire if we had lunch. He asked “Saappittayaa.?”, which is essentially pure Tamil and almost stared at him in astonishment, as almost n one in this era speaks in pure Tamil in day-to-day life, there is always some slang or local dialect!!! He must had asked one of our classmates, what is it in Tamil for “Had your lunch.?”. And that someone had taught the pure Tamil, instead of usual lingo “Saaptaacha.?”. It took a moment to compose ourselves and reply, “Yes”!
At the end of Day 1, after visiting Birla Mandir in Hyderabad, we dropped into a restaurant for our dinner. Thanks to the weather, it was raining and damp and cold, we were in an urgency to nature’s call. But all we could find in that hotel was a single gent’s toilet in the first floor. With no other option left out, we decided to use it. Another guy who wanted to use the toilet came to the first floor only to give a shocked expression to see girls queued up in front of the one and only available gent’s toilet!
Another dear friend of our caught up with an asthma attack due to the weather. Somehow, we managed to recover her.
Later that night, in the dorm, our gang decided to take bath in the night itself to prevent early morning rush. After bath, I returned to the hall, and knocked the door. By this time almost all had retired and except few lights, the rest had been switched off. Another friend, who was up till our return, came and opened the door. Due to the darkness inside, she took time to reach the door. But, by the time, I got irritated and went off to get in through another door. Then, she came and opened the door, to find no one. In that damp, rainy night, this became eerie. She stepped back twice or thrice, and another friend asked her what happened. She said “Did you hear the door being knocked”? The other girl said “Yes”. Then our friend replied with complete shock “No one is here….”. By the time, I came in through another door and queried what was happening. I was told the story and I said, “It was me who knocked the door”. Should I tell, I was beaten-up by them all?!!! 
The night at the dorm was a bit too funny. With around 300 girls in a big hall controlled by just 6 or 7 teachers, I could imagine their plight. We would never sleep or let them sleep. Even after putting off the lights, suddenly someone would burst into laughter from some corner of the room and everyone would start laughing and activities begin again, until the teachers shout again and try to bring the situation under control. The murmurs would die and again in the next 10 mins, the same would happen.
Our gang of 6 slept in two rows with heads together, to facilitate the nonchalant chats. My friend who slept next to me, caught up with cold, thanks to the climate. Since, the bag was near me, she asked me to take the Vicks out of the bag. I took it out and gave it to her. After few minutes, she gave it back. Well, I thought her job was done and I kept it inside the bag. After few more minutes she asked where he Vicks was. I said that I had put it back in the bag. She gave me one damn kick. Little did I know that she gave it to me to open the box and she couldn’t even speak it up as her nose and throat were so badly blocked? Sweetie, your kick, still aches!!!
Later that night, she suddenly felt her stomach was too heavy. So, was it the dinner we had? In half sleep, she opened her eyes, only to see 3 protruding legs out of her bedsheet!!! Well, it was her neighbor’s and she had put her leg on my friend’s stomach. That was the heaviness, not the sumptuous dinner, we had.
Our alarm was at 4:30 to prevent the bathroom rush. Then somehow, we slept. Next morning out alarm went off and our neighbors too got up with us. We assured then it was 4:30 and we would wake them at 5:30. But somewhere something had gone wrong, and it was already 5:30 and we got cursed by them. But as soon as we got up, we realized one of our friends was missing. On trying to find her, we looked around and found her rolled over a bit far away. The girl sleeping next to her had rolled herself, along with my friend and both of them were displaced!!!

Last but not the least, this post is especially dedicated to Vaishnavi, Anitha, Baby Rani, Achsah, Rachel, and Amy Susan. i.e., the characters involved in these musings… :D


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  1. ராத்திரி குளிச்சா காத்தால குளிக்கவேண்டாம்ங்கறது இன்னிக்கித்தான் எனக்கு தெரிஞ்சது. [:-)]

    And I LAMO at the expression of the guy who came to the toilet to see a bunch of girls :-) :-)

  2. @ Nags,
    Late night kulicha kaarthala kulika vendam... Didn't u know that.??? Hostel'lla irundhadhillaya..??? :D

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up and all the best

  4. @ LaBUKKU DASS,
    Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog... :)

  5. Enatha sollradhu...... I am sad that I missed all these fun filled thing in life da... but then it happens.. so no issues... happy fa you guys :)

  6. Oh! Is it one of Hostel rules :-) :-) I haven't stayed in hostel. And the vicks part was very nice. Paavam antha friend. :-) :-)

  7. @Sowmi, It happens at times...

    @Nags, Hee hee... :D

  8. East or West,School Days are the Best. That's the time to have maximum fun and merriment with no responsibilities.
    Your school time memories & pranks take me back to my school days at St.Xavier's Patna (1960-65)Those were the gala days ! Life is never quite the same again.

  9. @Ramakrishnan Sir,
    Exactly... Life is never quite same again as school days... I miss it now itself..

  10. ok secret revealed that photo-shy girl is baby rani from eds :-)

  11. that was nice remembrance...and we do have some of this in our school trip.. I expect some comments from ur school friends Vaishnavi, Anitha, Baby Rani, Rachel, and Amy Susan.

  12. @Venkat, Adappaavi... Why..???

    @Seenu, Your wish conveyed to them all... :)

  13. hi everyone especialy Bhusha...
    This is Vaishnavi Bhusha's good friend(hope so:P:):):):):)) Bhush u have been bugging me for the comments and so i am writing this...
    well as far the comments are concerned bhush scene by scene u have written beautifully... this was our most memorable trip...
    Well for others i wanted to say our 11th and 12th was the best period especially for our gang... because that was the time we did play all kind of stuff, in simple words we enjoyed life to the fullest, this hyderabad trip is just a 25% of wat we did....
    And to others that friend who bhush tortured by keeping back the vicks bottle without returning is me... and i am the friend who gave her that damn hard kick hehehehehehe:):):):):P it was fun... sweety sorry if it still aches...
    since most of them are enjoying, bhush update in other new topic wat all we did in class room, school, and how we all made our teachers frustrated that will me more fun...

  14. @Vaish,
    Finally WELCOME to my BLOG... :D
    Sure, would write on all the other pranks of 11th and 12th and dedicate it esp. to ONE teacher... Hee... Heee..... :D

  15. manatha vanguradu ellam vagitu pinnadiye enna loosu oru bitu potachu.... anyway polachi po...
    but swty one thing i loved it... cont. pannu.... hope you'll be like this forever....
    love you:-)

  16. but one thing is there ay possiblity to damage one person here you know;-)

  17. @Babes,
    I'll always be like this da...
    And, no possibility to damage that person... :D Hee hee...

  18. hey busha...

    summa solla kudathu.. itha vachu oru padame edukalam... i would rate this as the best blog that i have seen from u... so much fun reading this and i feel part of ur beautiful memories.. thanks for sharing these tiny little experiences..

  19. @ Krish, Hee hee... :) Thanks buddy...


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