Top 10 places to see & things to do in Gujarat

I've been to Gujarat thrice so far; and I'm not a person who'd prefer to go to a same place multiple times coz I strongly believe that a lifetime isn't enough to see just India, let alone the entire world. But Gujarat has just way too much to offer that probably a 3 month stay would suffice to some extent to visit most places or multiple trips. Its capital Ahmedabad, is a UNESCO world heritage city, the first Indian city to be listed. From here, you could also grab the Ahmedabad to Delhi flight for 6 more UNESCO sites beginning with Qutb Minar!!! But first, here's my Top 10, in no particular order, unusual must-visit places and must-do things, in Gujarat (some of it yet to be done by me). 
1. Visit Dholavira: As I always say, be it in Dholavira or Stonehenge or any other Megalithic Burial site, I have a very personal feeling associated with it. The very thought that early human civilization was born in these places and our forefathers would have walked here in flesh and blood is a very very personal feeling, close to my heart!!! Btw, you may also wanna visit Lothal which is closer to Ahmedabad and is also an Harappan Civilization site.
2. Visit Modhera Sun Temple: There are a few temples dedicated to Sun God and one of it is here in Vadodhara, Gujarat. The temple itself requires atleast 3 days to see all the sculptures in details. I was just speechless and at one point, I just sat down in the middle of a hall filled with sculptures, coz I didn't know what to see and what not to, in the limited time! The stepwells in front of it was....... Just see it in a sunny day, I can't explain the awesomeness in words.
3. Visit Sabarmathi Ashram: There are people who love Mahatma Gandhi and there are people who hate him, but whoever has heard of him, can never have an indifferent feel about him. Sabarmathi Ashram is where most of his work on Ahimsa or Non-violence took place.
4. Visit Bhuj: When I visited Bhuj, the first feel I had was that the place had come to a standstill a century ago! I hired a car to stop at every village in Bhuj. Every little village there specializes in a different type of handicraft from weaving to embroidery to painting to printing to metal bell making to wooden crafts and so many! Meeting and interacting with the craftspersons here is a total learning process!!!
5. Visit NID: Though I badly wanted to visit National Institute of Design, the oldest and one of the premier institutes of fashion & art & design, in atleast one of my trips, and sadly it never happened. Its where the creme of the creme of Indian creative minds assemble together to create magic!  
6. See some stepwells: There are 2 styles of stepwells in Gujarat - The style seen in Modhera, and another which is more common. The best example of this style, Rani ki Vav Patan, which is now under UNESCO. The sand stone sculptures everywhere here, all over Gujarat, is just crazy! Adalaj Stepwells & Dada Harir ni Vav are 2 more stepwells closer to Ahmedabad.
7. Experience Dusshera: Ever since college days, celebrating disco nights and dandiya nights were fun. But going to an authentic one without film songs, with authentic garba songs, surrounded by several hundreds in awesome attire is just a mind blowing experience. The government organizes in most open grounds, and there are private ones which are ticketed. Totally worn out after dancing, walking down the road past midnight, without any fear, with not even a single drunkard (dry state it is) is just a fabulous feeling.
8. Eat egg-less delicacies: Being a vegetarian foodie, a major trouble I have is my love for baked desserts is often shot down by egg! My options in buffets were only Indian desserts. Gujarat is the only place where I had a good option to choose from (why choose? I had them all) in eggless cakes. Check out the buffet in any of the hotels in Ahmedabad for yourself. Here’s from Lemon Tree Atrium & Novotel to give you an idea. That said, an Authentic Gujarati Thali with atleast 25 varieties of dishes is a must to eat atleast once from Rajavadu or Gordhaan Thaal or Vishalla.  
9. Visit Rann-of-Kutch: As the brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism, Amitabh Bachchan claims - Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha (If you haven't seen Kutch, you haven't seen anything). The vast expanse of white sand is our Indian version of Salar de Uyuni.
10. Shopping for Handicrafts: Visiting Gujarat cannot be over without shopping for the fabulous handicrafts. Either shop at Bhuj itself from the craftspersons or do it in Ahmedabad. The craftspersons from all over Gujarat come to Ahmedabad and sell in various markets. I've been to Law Garden market during Dusshera time and I was totally mind blown. If I had a lakh to spend, I could spend it all in the handicrafts and clothes here!!!!

Bhushavali N

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  1. Great Post..I'd been to Gujarat as a student...awesome place, especially I was amazed by the step wells!

  2. Ohhh Gujarat! We almost went there for the salt desert! But apparently there so much more to be discovered there! Looks like Gujarat has a lot to offer! I really hope to get back to India!

  3. Wow, I've only been to India once and that was to Hyderabad! I agree that a lifetime isn't enough to experience India, it's truly a world of its own. The stepwells look cool and I would love to photograph those

  4. Hey you are in my state where I was raised up and lived. You have listed all top places of Gujarat and I seen all of them but missed those unique step wells. I must say, you should see sunset of Dwarka. I miss Navratri(Dusshera), traditional handicrafts from Kutch and authentic Gujarati food of Gujarat. Thanks for sharing!

  5. At first I was like...wait a minute, do they encourage to eat egg-less stuff haha. So many diverse activities to do in this place. Looks like a lot of fun to eat some great food and catch up on culture.

  6. I am obsessed with those stepwells! I am now going to Google all the random facts about them, LOL. Speaking of architecture, I love all the details that go into the sites and buildings in India. It's so diverse from other architecture around the world. I love the rest of your suggestions as well! Definitely want to travel to India pronto! Happy travels, my dear!

  7. After reading your post, I can totally understand why you've gone back to Gujarat multiple times! If I were to visit, I have a feeling I'd immediately fall in love with Bhuj and its various handmade goods.

  8. Wow! Your very first paragraph blew me away! There's enough to see there to spend three months? I'm convinced! The dusshera and local handicraft shopping sound like a great way to unwind from all the sightseeing!

  9. That is incredible to know that you have been to Gujarat numerous times because there is so much to see and do. And so interesting to know that the capital was the first in India to be listed by UNESCO. The step walls looks like a very interesting place to visit and see. And to see the ancient Bhuj would be amazing!

  10. I liked Sabarmathi Ashram. I rarely do architecture photography, but this place makes me wanna do it.

  11. Sunset on the white Rann of Kutch, vibrant colors of Bhuj, and the intricacy of Adalaj...that's the order in which I rank my fascination with Gujarat. Hopefully early next year, we hope to visit this magical place.

  12. Gujarat is among the very few Indian states that I haven't visited yet. You practically just made an itinerary for me. Thank you!

  13. I'm always excited to visit places that are UNESCO heritage sites. This is something to add on my list. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liz Gen |

  14. You are right about India simply being a massive place and very difficult to see it all in one go. We divided it up into three separate 3-week trips, and even then only really seeing a fraction of it. I've not been to Gujarat but looks like it all all the things I love about India. Thanks for sharing.


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