Navarathri Kolu 2012 at my Home

Its Navarathri Kolu again in my blog. Last month was Navarathri celebrations of this year and here's the post on this year's Kolu arragement and new arrivals!!! 
Btw, if you're new here to my blog or if you're not an Indian you'd be probably wondering what am I talking about or how was my Kolu earlier. In simple words, Navarathri is a 9 day long festival here in India and in South India it is celebrated with the arrangement of dolls in 3,5,7,9, or even 11 steps!!! Here are my previous posts on previous years' Kolu arrangement at my home and complete explanations about what are the dolls placed in the steps and the story or legend behind them!!!
Here comes Kolu 2012...
The main arrangement in 7 steps

The side arrangement!
So, what's new this year... Here they come...
 A ship built inside a glass bottle!!!

A handmade wooden bike made by an artisan from Chennapatna, Andhra Pradesh, India! 

 A handmade ceramic cup that inspired by wooden bark and its texture!
And a terracotta Lord Ganesha holding 3 diyas (oil lamps)!

This is the most important new arrival this year! Its called a Kaavad. Its from a place called Bassi in Rajasthan and its like a portable temple! Its handmade with wood and handpainted on it! This is carried by religious story tellers from village to village and they explain the story depicted in each section opening door by door! Door by door???????? What is that... Scroll down to see what is that, as surprise opens up!!! :) Above is the completely closed one.

The first door is opened to reveal a Lord Vishnu in Ananthasayana (laying down posture)! 

This entire section is opened up to the left, to reveal 4 panels that depict 4 stories! 

The opened up section is further opened up to reveal 4 more panels of 4 more stories! 

The central section is now opened to the right, to reveal 4 more panels of 4 more stories!
You can now see 2 mini doors at the central section. 

After explaining all the 12 stories, those 2 mini doors are opened to reveal Lord Rama, his wife Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshma at the heart and innermost section of the Kaavad, depicting the Sanctum Sanctorum!
Here's the contact of the maker of this Kaavad in case you want to make one your own! He is located in Bassi in Rajasthan. Satya Narayan Suthar - +91 98293 90239 and +91 90014 34013. Its available in several sizes in various pricing!


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  1. Oh! It is wonderful The Bassi theme is superb. I was at Chennai during that period.

    1. Thank you so much PNS Sir! If you're in Chennai next time during Kolu, make sure you visit Mylapore Kapali temple... Not just that, many temples have their own arrangement of Kolu... :)

  2. Lovely pics. I too have a Kavad!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I've seen your post on Kaavad in your blog! :)

  3. I like you promote your own culture. I'm afraid we lose our uniqueness in days of globalization

    1. Thank you so much dear! :)
      So true, globalization has to a great extent merged cultures!!!

  4. hi! i hope we can follow each others blog :)) please let me know :))

  5. interesting photos, amazing cultures :)

  6. @Charlene & @Awi, Thanks for you sweet comments! :)


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