Insect Watch - Snail

Remember my last visit to Pallikaranai Marsh Land??? This time, when I visited there, along with some people organized by Madras Naturalists Society, as a part of Madras Week Celebrations, as I was walking in the road side, along the Marsh, I spotted a snail shell, or so did I think! I do like picking shells from beaches and I have a pretty big collection of that! 
I PICK from the ground, and that's important! I don't buy shells or peacock feathers coz there's more chance that those are deliberately removed from the animal / bird to get the bulk to sell.
Back to that snail shell, I bent down to pick it, when I suddenly realized, its actually alive and moving! And then I grabbed my camera to click some shots and as I was clicking, people around me started spotting a lot more and there were few tens of those snails all around, of every size, and some real huge!!!
Here are some for you... I guess its a Common Garden Snail. Or is it?

That should give you an idea of its size!
And finally a challenge for you.... How many snails do you spot in the below image. You can click on the image to zoom it! Answer coming up in the next post...

Dedicated to the MNS Volunteers who made the short walk an awesome experience - Gnanaskandan, Praveen & Sripad.


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