Anandeeswarar Temple (Cuddalore - Tamil Nadu)

From Chidambaram Thillam Natarajar Temple, my next target was Anantheeswarar Temple
I had info with me that told that this temple was about a km and a half from the Thillai Temple. I was planning to walk up the distance, but I had no idea as of which direction I had to walk. I enquired a local with whom I am now very disappointed. He said, it isn't walkable distance and asked me to take up an auto. I did and as the auto went about, I knew he was circling, he practically took the 3 sides of a square to reach from one end of a road to another. I was literally in a fit of anger when I reached this temple!!!
A root from the gopuram through to the entrace
Well, but then, I really couldn't see much of this temple, thanks to the sunset and almost no lighting. This temple is a bit dilapidated when compared to the Thillai Natarajar. The specialty of the temple is the shrine of Raja Chandikesar, which is present only here and no where else. The shrine id located separately at the left as soon as you enter the temple. The Uchi Kaala Poojai (Noon Puja) is considered auspicious.
The wall on all 4 sides was kinda unique with a kind of limestone and brick structure like in Muruganatheswarar Temple, than the regular granite structure. 
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I did spot a couple of epitaphs. But I have no clue of who built it and when, but its ancient for sure, and I suspect the Cholas!!! 
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From Thillai Natarajar Temple to Anantheeswarar Temple:
Get out of the Thillai Natarajar Temple through the West Gopuram. You'll be standing at the West Car Street (Mela Radha Veedhi). Cross the road and get into the lane just opposite. That's the Bazaar St. or the Kaasu Kadai Steet. Walk up about 3/4 a km to almost to where the street kinda becomes a jn. of 4. Take left to Anandeeswarar Street. You should spot it!!!

Ph. no. of the temple priest: +91 98653 44297
Temple timings: 6AM - 11:30AM & 5PM - 8:30PM

Google Co-ordinates: 11.399472,79.682955


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  1. You have become a true wanderer by discovering all these unexplored places. Keep travelling!!

    1. That's a lovely compliment Niranjan... :):):) Thank you.. :)

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    1. That's good! Not many people know its existence. Good to know, you've been here... :)

  3. Looks like a interesting temple.

    1. It is indeed. Do visit sometime Rajesh. You'll love it...


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