Navarathri Kolu 2011 at my Home

I had already posted about one of the earlier Kolu arrangement kept for Navarathri at my home, here, and here. So, I'm not getting into the details and the story behind each doll set. Just sharing some pics of this year's Kolu.
Here's the main 7 step arrangement...

Kanchipuram Garuda Sevai

Annamalaiyar Unnamulai Ammai

Gandhiji's 3 monkeys that say 'Speak no Evil, See no Evil, Hear no Evil'

Pittukku Man Sumandha Leelai


Here are some more pics of the side arrangement 1...

Some lovely gifts from my Friends


Tsunamika was not kept in the last Kolu. She is an innovative little doll who was the brain child of Ms.Uma Prajapathi of Auroville, to be created by the women who were affected by the deadly Tsunami which devastated to coastal areas of the Tamil Nadu and Andhra in Dec 26, 2004. 
Some more pics of the side arrangement 2...
The First scene Gugan was already in the last Kolu. Next to it is Matryoshka doll aka Babushka doll which is the Nesting Russian Doll set where each doll goes into a bigger doll that itself. Beside it is a small vegetable vendor doll with excellent detailed work including actual fabrics for its dress and small fibers for his head and chest hair.


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  1. OMG!This is the Indian version of Disneyland!LAAAAAAAAABHHHHHHHH it!

  2. wow, love seeing all these kolu pics.

  3. very nice...

    beautifully arranged...

  4. @Sridharan,
    Thanks dear... :)

    No......... Disney Land is the English Version of Indian Kolu.... Haha.... This is much much older heritage... :) :D

    Thanks dear... :)

    Thanks a lot dear... :)

  5. Where are pictures of sundals? Lovely Golu!

    Hey, you know, when we went to Gali Banda on Horsley Hills, I kept on thinking of that Povoma Oorgolam you had posted in your travelogue and I couldn't stop laughing!

  6. Very nice pics.

  7. lovely kolu!!! loved the puttu story dolls! didnt even know there were such dolls available! one of the reasons i have always wanted to visit chennai or the south during navaratri, but it hasnt been possible!

  8. @Vidya Sury,
    Ha ha ha... Seriously, that Gali Banda is so bad with the glasses... My mom had worn a normal slippers and had a tough time...

    Thanks dear... :)

    Do come once during Kolu. The state and national emporia here, have exquisite and unusual collections. Its a must visit....

    @Wood Stove,
    Thanks dear.. :)


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