Arupathumoovar Vizha at Kapaleeswarar Temple (Chennai - Tamil Nadu)

My regular readers would have already read about my earlier posts on Kapaleeswarar Temple here, here and here. Apart from the famous Kolam Festival which happens during the month of Margazhi (Mid-Dec to Mid-Jan) , I had also said about the Panguni (Mid-March to Mid-April) Brahmotsavam which is the major10 day festival that happens in Kapaleeswarar Temple. 8th Day of it is the famous Arupathu moovar festival i.e. the day of 63 saints’ saivaite special bathing (abhishekam) of the bronze idols of 63 saints take place. The bringing back to life to Poompavai is enacted. Somehow due to some wrong information, I missed out the Poompavai enactment, but I caught up with the Arupathu Moovar Festival this year. So here it is.
The road was filled with so many goodies. This old lady was flanked by her grand children and were selling these little toy vessels.
The accessories collection was great. Fabulous and at dead cheap prices. I'll come up soon with a post on the collection of the stuff that I bought there. I got 3 rings in this store at 5 bucks each.
This man had a fabulous collection of several stuff made of palm leaves. He was from Pulicat Lake, Tamil Nadu. He had stuff like bags, jewelery boxes, hand fans, small purses.
This lady is a gypsy and just look at the fabulous collection of beads that she has. She had chains, anklets, earrings and got a few interesting stuff from me!!!
And as usual the flora & fauna there!!! This lovely tree in full bloom and the pond was filled with so so so many fishes.

Here is the glorious festival of Arupathumoovar Vizha. The bronze idols of the 63 saints, bought in small chariots, 4 in each, carried in palenquins by devotees on their shoulders.
The crowd was maddening!!!
And best part - the hospitality & security. The police personnel were deployed and it was heartening to see them on high towers with roving eyes to oversee the security of the fellow devotees. Food was available everywhere both for money and for free too!!! I had a cup of Puttu-rice (that's boiled keralite rice with sugar), then Masala Kadalai (boiled ground-nut with grated vegetables), then some fruit slices. The place had makeshift arrangements for toilets too!!! Too good, na!!!!!

To Reach There:
Refer to my earlier posts linked in the first sentence of this post.

Arupathumoovar Festival:
8th day of Panguni Brahmotsavam Festival.
As it follows the Tamil Calender, the date varies in English Calender every year.
To know the exact date in the upcoming year call the temple office at, +91 44 2464 1670

Update 09-Apr-2011:
Here is my post on the super crazy shopping I did there and the overhaul of accessories that I indulged in there!!!


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  1. Lovely bits of information. I didn't know about this festival and its significance. Now I do. Posting the video made it more vivid. Thanks!

  2. This year i missed it .. thank you so much .. for the pics...

  3. Nice pics! I would love to go in a place like that one day...

  4. Great shots of the market and the festival!

  5. What a wonderful riot of sounds and sites...!

  6. I like the arts and crafts displays, and the lovely blossoming tree, and the color and excitement of the festival. Looks like a fun experience.

  7. Hi bushavali

    interesting festival....

    good photos and video

    thanks for sharing

  8. Wonderful , nice piece of info .

  9. I got excited looking at the photos in the market. It's like seeing the creativity of people of that area. Interesting stories.

  10. Hello,

    Very interesting post. This looks like a very wonderful festival. Lovely photos. To move about the milling crowds with the din and commotion should have been very exciting.

    Best wishes,

  11. @Sridharan,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    Long time No C!!! Where have u been...
    Thanks for the appreciation.. :)

    Glad to know that you got to see what u missed, thru my blog... :)

    Guess you're new here to my blog. Welcome dear. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do visit often.
    And do visit the celebrations and let me know your experiences!!!

  12. @Jose,
    Thanks love.

    What's celebration and festival without a riot of color and sound!!! :)

    It was indeed a fun experiece dear.. :)

    Thanks sweety.. :)

  13. @Rajesh,
    Thanks dear... :)

    @Team G Square,
    Thanks sweeties!!! :)

    Indeed the people here are so creative and so eco-friendly. All the products they make are so nature-friendly!!!

    It was a mad mad crowd indeed!!! :)


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