Choolanur / Chulannur Peafowl Sanctuary - A Picture Album

Ha... Guess am not yet over with Chulannur / Choolanur. Here are some more pics!!!
That's the board from the Kovai - Palaghat Hightway...
Some sisterly love!!!
That WAS a home of a bird!!!
The Rubber Plantations!!!
That's called Lacterite stone. This is available only in Kerala. I kinda love the texture of this stone. Most of Kerala houses are built with this!!!
The peacocks' habitat!!!
That's savukku mara kottai's!!! That's Causarina...
The forest also had some bamboo's too!!!
The pre determined track in the sanctuary!!!
Some more forest!!!
The rocky terrains in the sanctuary. As I said in my last post, peacocks love rocky terrains!!!
That's it for now. Coming soon with a new place!!!


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  1. Beautiful! how do u manage to visit so many places? :D

  2. Hey kewl pics ...
    have u been to any sanctuary that might be of interest to me ???

  3. Really nice place and pictures too. Kind regards.

  4. Hi Friend! Wonderful shots!!

    Blogtrotter Two is showing some incredible rocks by the sea... Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  5. Most of the forts on the western coast are made of the laterite stone. Beautiful pictures from the sanctuary. Thanks.

  6. @Rajesh,
    Thanks dear... :)

    If I dont, I'll become crazy!!! Lolz!!!

    What kind of sanctuaries interest you dear..???

  7. @Phivos,
    Thanks honey.. :)

    Long Time No C!!!! What happened... So nice to see you here again!!! Thanks dear for your appreciation!!!

    Yeah. So many building there are built with Lacerite stones. For people who are not essentially from there, like me, it is so special!!!
    Thanks dear for your appreciation!!!

  8. hi bhushu...the pics r lovely!!!!!!!


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