Navarathri - Kolu at my Home - Part II

K. Now lemme continue. Where did I leave last time? Ya. The fourth step.

Now comes the 5th step. This step has 2 scenes. The first scene is ‘Pittukku Man Sumandha Kadhai’. Well, during the reign of a particular Pandya King, the river Vaigai bulged with overflowing water and one male member was called from every household to get the water under control. And there was this particular old lady who had no son and no husband as well. This loner was surviving by selling ‘Pittu / Puttu’ – a rice powder delicacy of South India. To help her, Lord Shiva came down as a common man. He asked her if she could give him ‘Puttu’ and he would represent on her behalf. And the old lady accepted. But after having food, he went and slept off. The King got furious and ordered to whip-lash him. He was whip lashed, but the pain was felt by everyone including the King!

The second scene is Raas Leela. The lover God Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is seen here with several Gopi’s.

On the 6th step is Thanjavur Thalaiyatti Chettiar and Chettichi Bommai. Chettiar is the merchant class of South India. So here is a couple selling fruits. Beside them is a random arrangement of 2 porcelain women with several assorted porcelain animals and a hut too.

On the 7th step is the elaborate scene of ‘Kanchipuram Garuda Sevai’. It’s an elaborate procession in the Varadaraja Perumal Temple in Kanchipuram. Garudan – Eagle is the Vahana – Mount of Perumal – Lord Vishnu. This procession is a speciality for the Garudan. So the Garudan is seen really bigger than Lord Vishnu himself.

Well, now that all the 7 steps are completed, lets move on to the side displays. On my study table, were these little figurines. The Puri Jagannath picture at the back is a gift from my dad’s friend who went on a pilgrimage to Puri Jagannath, Orissa. In the front of the pic, are two little statues of Lord Ganesha. The one on the left is Mumbai Styled one, and the one on the right is ‘Navadhanya Pillayar’ which is done with 9 different cereals and grains. On either sides are 2 penstands done with Inlay Work. Inlay Work is done by inlaying little coloured stones on marble. This is the work that is seen extensively in Taj Mahal, one of the Wonders on the World. On the right corner is another penstand that has the Miniature painting work of Rajasthan.

In the second step of my study table were these reptiles. A snake and a croc. Well, these are a particular African Wooden Wiggle Snake Art. This is done by attaching little pieces of wood to a piece of leather centrally placed. As you may see the whole croc and the snake can twist and turn almost like a real snake. The flexibility is so really amazing. Few of my friends do really get freaked out looking at this. I did a freaky thing when I bought this as well. I wore it around my neck as a stole and walked by my way home and people looked at me really amused and some really scared thinking I am wearing a real snake. Its movement is so real.

On the other side, is another side display that has several assorted dolls. This has a swing, a dressing table, a swan, a giraffe, a doll, a dog, a chair and table, an easy chair, and few more bead work. Again as I said in my previous post, these all are my mom’s 9th std works.

The Chinese Mask in the front is a lovely momento from my college for a performance of mine. The Taj, the slipper and the heart are my handwork in Papier Mache which I did a few years back. The little heads behind are Wooden pencil caps, again some handiworks from Thirupathi, Andhra Pradesh.

The 3 Baby Dolls behind those are from Japan. Japan too has a similar festival called the Doll Festival for Girls – Hina Matsuri. A friend from Japan, gave these to me as a gift. The tea-kettle and shoe keychains are handworks from North East India. A copper Parrot and Horse are the Bastar Tribal Art of Chattisgarh, India.

The light brown head in front of it is made of M-Seal. This was the first ever M-Seal trial of Artist R.S. Jayadeep, who was my teacher and a good friend now. I love it. It just doesn’t look like a first trial. Detailed amazingly and intricately with wrinkles and every fold of skin, this is a treasure for me.

‘The Doves’, a little figurine in front of the Girl doll, is a gift from my school science teacher of 10th grade. It’s a gift when I got a centum in my 10th board exams in science. Again a treasure!!! There are a few gifts from my friends and several keychains. Well, am a crazy keychain collector.

That’s it. Today is the last day of Navarathri and I enjoyed every day of it with friends and neighbours and ‘Sundal’ and Dolls, above all!


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  1. Somehow I missed the 1st part before, now I read them all. Very interesting...very colorful..

  2. You keep us interested to your aricles!

  3. Well these were quite insightful posts for ppl who dont have these cute GOLUs in their home :)

    gr8 work yaar :)
    keep blogging

  4. Interesting collection of dolls that you have. Thanks for sharing the photos and images. So take a look at the kolu photos from my home and share your comments too :)

  5. கொலுவுக்கு என்னைய invite பண்ணவே இல்ல!!!

  6. quite an interesting collection and thanks for introducing each peice with such nice introduction. As you attach a piece of history to these, they become even more interesting!

    Happy Dusserra to all of you

  7. Mitr!!! what a beautiful post! And thank you for teaching me something I didn't know! Wonderful!!!

  8. @Aysegul,
    Its ok. Now that u commented for both together, am happy. :) Thanks dear. :)

    Is it.? I am so glad to hear that. So glad to know that my posts are interesting for you always. Its your comments and visits that keep me going. Thanks dear. :)

    Thank you. :)

    Thanks a lot. I'll visit you blog soon and comment on it. :)

  9. @Sathish,
    Come to ur in-laws place once when Golu is put up. I'll invite u. Pukka... :)

    Thanks a lot dear. :) Happy Dusshera..:)

    Nopes... :( May be next time. Let's see..

    Thanks a lot sweetheart. Glad to know I introduced this festival to you. :)

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  11. Very interesting stories about each step.

  12. Hello my friend:)

    Very interesting and informative post accompanied by lovely photos.

    Many thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice day:)

  13. Very Nice Collection dear..

    //He is seen here with several Gopi’s.//

    hehe.. kusumbu.. :)

    where is the sundalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll?

  14. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks a lot dear.. :)

    Hi Bhavesh,
    Thanks dear. :)

    Hey Sanjai,
    Ofcourse, Krishna is always Kusumbu & Kurumbu.. :P
    Here is Sundal!!!!


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