Kapaleeshwarar Temple - Part II (Chennai - Tamil Nadu)

Continued from previous post Kapaleeshwarar Koil – Mylapore (Part I)


People in 'n' around the temple:


There are several, several specialities when it comes to Kapaleeshwarar Koil and Mylapore itself. And there are some specialities to some shrines in this temple.

The most beautiful miracle of Mylapore related in the Periapuranam by Sekkizhar is that of bringing back to life of the girl, Poopavai by the boy saint Gnansambandar. The girl died by the bite of a serpant. The bones and ashes were brought back to life by the hymns of gnansambandar, starting “Mattina Punnayinganal….!!”. This is believed to have happened during the 7th A.D. A separate shrine has been built for Angam Poopavai. In 1921, near the Santhome Cathedral some inscriptions related to the incident were found.

Vaayilar nayanar is one of the 63 saivaite saints. He was born and brought up in Mylapore. He had Lord – Siva in the temple of his heart. His mouth was shut and didn’t sing any hymns on lord. At the same time, a Pallava king, called Pujabalan built the Ranchi Kailasanatha temple. He set a date to inaugurate the temple. Lord Shiva came in his dream and said he would be able to come on that day as he had to inaugurate the temple of heart built by the Nayanar. The king was touched by the greatness of the saint and went to meet him. Since this saint belonged to Mylapore and because of his greatness, a separate Sanctum Sanctorum is set for him.

Ayyadigal Kaadavar Kon is also one of the 63 saivaite saints, who was a king who eventually lost all interest in worldly life and became a saint. He was born in Mylapore.

The Tamizh saint Thiruvalluvar was also born and lived in this very Mylapore.



Mid-May to mid-June occurs the festival of Laksha Deepa vizha or the festival of one lakh lamps. The Navarathri is special for Karpagambal. It is a nine day festival from mid – September to mid – October.

Mid-Dec to Mid-Jan, everyday is special as it is the auspicious Tamil month of Margazhi. And it is when the Kolam Festival happens about which I had posted already.

During mid-March to mid-April occurs the Brahmotsavam, a ten day mega event. Rishaba Vahana night is on the fifth day. Kapaleeshwara is on a silver Rishaba and Karpagambigai is on a Gold Rishaba. Karthikeya is on a gold peacock. 7th Day is the Rath Yatra. The Gold Rath is a master piece. A payment of Rs.100/- is required to pull the Rath during this day.   8th Day is the famous Arupathu moovar festival i.e. the day of 63 saints’ saivaite special bathing (abhishekam) of the bronze idols of 63 saints take place. The bringing back to life to poompavai is enacted. The last day is the Bikshatana festival (Idol of lord with a skull bowl in lord, as an ascetic). The whole megaevent is a feast to eyes and inner soul.



Within Chennai

From Tambaram: 23 km via Pallavaram – Guindy – Nandanam – Mandaiveli

Road ways: Bus 21 G from West Tbm, H 51 from East Tbm

Railways: MRTS Thirumailai station via Chennai Fort


From Chennai Central: 7 km via Anna Salai – Royapettah

Roadways: Bus H 51

Railways: MRTS Thirumailai station from Park Station


From Thiruvanmiyur: 7 km via Madaiveli – Adyar – Indra Nagar

Roadways: Bus M 15, H 51

Railways: MRTS Thirumailai station


Dedicated to Mr.R.S.Jayadeep (my mentor for this project).


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