Pudukottai Trip - Musings

Today's my B'day and isn't it the well celebrated when I share my musings with you... Here comes the musings part of the Pudukottai trip. 

First is spotting the Ant Lion! Ant lion is an insect that eats ant. What is does is, in its larve stage, it digs up little holes in the ground and waits beneath with its tentacles open. 

As any ant crosses, obviously it descends into this pit and the ant lion catches it and eats it up!!! Now that's survival of the fittest!!!!!

Next is the Drosera Spatulata plant. Its an insect eating plant esp., ants. As we got down from Vijayalaya Choleeswaram in Narttamalai, there was this Thaluvi Arumbi Sunai, an eternal Spring. 

Somehow after almost 15 mins of searching, a lovely lady in our group managed to find an unusual looking flower, which Prof. Swaminathan confirmed as Drosella!

Some more of my regular kid luck and animal luck!!!

This time, my kid luck worked much better!!!!! This small boy who was initially as usual apprehensive to come to me, like any kid would be to any stranger, later on got so attached to me and while we were in a meeting with Karthik Thondaiman, the present King of Pudukkottai, this kid came to me from 2 seats behind from his mom, climbed over me and slept off on my lap!!! This pic is just outside the palace where he was half asleep, but just managed to open his eyes for the shot. Loved him so so much!!!

Some more people & faces & expressions!!!  
The whole gang, age group varying from 11 to 83!!!

The 2nd video at the Featured Page is the talk about this Pudukottai Trip (Mukkudai Yaathirai)! Its a loooong 90 mins talk!!! :)
And with this, the Pudukottai series in My Travelogue comes to an end. Coming soon with a brand new (or should I say, a few centuries old!) place & a post!!!!!

Pic of me with the kid & group shot, by Siddharth Chandrasekar, rest by yours, Bhushavali! 

Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan, Prof. Muthazhagan, Prof. Jambunathan, and the whole group...


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  1. Happy Birthday Bhusha... It was a wonderful Pudukottai trip for all your readers. Thanks for theose lovely photos and write ups. Have a celebrating year ahead!!


  2. first,a very happy b'day! never realised pudukottai has so much to offer,thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Srinivasan.
      Pudukottai infact has a lot more to offer.
      During my stay I could see only this much!!!

  3. A very happy birthday Bhushavali and kudos too. As children we used to play with the Ant Lions arranging a race. We used to call them literally Pit Elephants. I also have my post on them.

    1. Thank you so much Subramanian Sir.
      Wow. I never knew about this till the time I saw it in Pudukottai!

  4. Very happy Birthday ... Lovely pictures nice to see ant lion after along time ....

  5. Enjoyed each and every snap...superb post! and a very happy birthday!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to busha

    Is Ant Lion is larve of Dragon Fly ?

    Beautiful collection of photos...

    thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much Krishna.
      And no. Ant lion is not a Dragon Fly!
      Its Ant Lion and the its larva stage is what you see in the pic.
      Its adult stage looks similar to a dragon fly but smaller...

  7. (தாமதமாய்) வாழ்த்துக்கள் பிரியமான தோழி!

    1. Anna! So bad! :(
      Anyways, thank you!!! :) :) :)

  8. I guess professor must have conformed it as "Drosera Spatulata" and not Drosella Spatulata plant.

    Drocera means "dew shining in bright sunlight" and Spatulata means "Spoon-shaped"

    Thank you.



  9. Did you pull that Ant Lion out? They are called as குழி யானை in Tamil!

    1. Yup. Took it out and held in hand... Btw, I was told its called Kulla Nari in Tamil!!!


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