Some Updates, A Gift & A Giveaway

Of late some regular leaders might have noticed some changes in the layout of my blog. So this post is just to keep you updated of the changes and improvisations I've done in My Travelogue

The first one is the 'IMP. Note' box on the top right, the first section of my side bar. There have been a couple of concerns in some comments stating that I've put the locality of the place visited wrong. So, this is to clarify that I do not put up the locality of the place I visit. What I put up in the labels and also in the bracket beside the place name in the title denote the district where the place falls. Sometimes the centre of the district might be pretty far from the place ventured whereas the nearby district might be nearer. For eg., Mahabalipuram is nearer to Chennai City than Kanchipuram town of Kanchipuram Dt., though its listed under Kanchipuram.

The second one is the 'Archives'. Of late some might have noticed that the Archives tab has vanished from my side bar. It has been transported to a separate page 'Archives'. The link to this page is permanently placed as the topmost position in the main area.

Also in this area, are the links to some more 'Pages'. Just next to 'Archives' is 'Traveller Tips'. This would be updated as I get to think of new tips that would help travelers. This is to share and help travelers with the customs and local beliefs and rights/wrongs of various places. Do share with me local unique customs and should/shouldn'ts of various places that you've been to (Please avoid things that you've read somewhere and not actually been to, as what this blog is about, is first hand experience) below in the comment.  

Next to it is 'Packing List'. I have been helping a couple of my friends to pack things up for their trips when I thought, this might be the very situation for many who don't travel often. On the other hand, some of my regularly traveling friends have things perennially packed that goes into their suitcase. So, just to help out the former ones, here's a Master Packing list, that starts with the trip details and dates and things to carry with brackets besides the ones that require numbers. Next trip, you could take a print of this one. Well, this is just a generic, common list. You might have to add several things that are particular to you and strike off some as well.

Next to it is, 'PR/Contact' that links to my Fashion blog and Business Site, and also has my e-mail id.
So, that's the updations in this blog.

Then here comes the Gift part. A few months ago I discovered this page is Facebook called 'Girls on the Go Club'. And they were organizing a contest for travel bloggers to submit their blogs. I did. And in a couple of weeks, I get a mail saying that I was one the contest winnners! Yippeee!! Then in a couple more weeks, I get this gorgeous waist pouch as a gift from them!!! Double Yippeeee!!!!

The next part is a lovely gift / giveaway from me to all the women readers of my blog. It is a Gorgeous Giveaway to all the Gorgeous women who are bitten by the wanderlust and keep traveling. One lucky winner would get a travel sized kit of Biotique skincare range and some HG facial Sponges too. After all, we do want to look good at a party or a wedding, though we might have trekked Parappalaru, the previous day!!! So, this is to pamper the women on the go!!!!! Click on the image to participate in this Giveaway.


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  1. शुभकामनाएँ आपको घुमक्कड व गिफ़्ट

  2. I cannot see GFC for this travel blog

  3. @Team G Square,
    Indeed... :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Thank you. Glad you liked it. :)

    Some prob with it. It vanishes at times. Just hit refresh a couple of times and it should be ok.

    Thanks dear. Do participate in it and share with your friends... :)


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