A Picture Album of Belur - Halebidu (Hassan - Karnataka)

Belur, Halebidu, Somnathpur are homes of some exquisite, mind blowing artistry of Hoysala Kingdom (10th C AD to 14th C AD). Belur was their first capital and then was Halebidu.
I am not gonna put anything in words now. Enjoy the feast for eyes of Chennakeshwara Temple at Belur and Hoysaleshwara Temple at Halebidu.
The intricate, exquisite sculptures - A strong feature of Hoysala Sculpture!

Rows n Rows of detailed Panels, placed in a perfect composition!

That's Narasimha tearing Hiranya Kasibu's abdomen!!!

That's Siva in Thandava (Trance) on Himalayas!!!

That's a dancing girl placed precariously, carefully, diagonal to the planes!!! Difficult? Very difficult? Indeed!!!
The Exquisite Star shaped platform - an innate feature of all temples built by the Hoysala Kings...

... and the play of light in the panels of the Star shaped platform!!!

I think, the word intricacy got its meaning here!
Check the third row from the top - Its a person meditating inspite of being hindered by elephants on either sides, followed by snakes on either sides!!!

Notice the 7 lines with the dot at the centre?
That's a scene picked right out of Ramayana. That's when Rama was tested by Sukreva, to confirm if Rama's arrow can pass through 7 oak trees in a row!!!

Astonished at the intricacy??? Coming soon with intricacy in a much smaller temple - Somnathpur. Wait n watch!!!

Hassan in the nearest big town for accomodation.
However accomodation in available in Belur, Halebidu and Somnathpur as well.

Hassan to Belur: 38 km
Hassan to Halebidu:33 km
Belur to Halebidu: 16 km


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  1. Belur and halebid have astonishing architecture. Am yet to visit somnathpur. waiting for your post on the same to inspire me.


  2. Mind blowing indeed.. I can not forget Halebid,Belur,Somnathpur and Shravanabelagola , I visited recently and posted in my blog as well. I will find these places ever interesting..

  3. बढिया जानकारी,
    फ़ोटो थोडा छोटे रह गये है,

  4. @Niranjan,
    I could say, Somnathpur is Belur and Halebidu put in a nutshell!!! :)

    Thank you.. :)
    These places are a haven for sculputure and art enthusiasts!!! :)

    Thank you.. :)
    Somehow this is the size I could upload pics. The pics don't blow up. Dunno what's it with blogger!!! :(

    Thanks dear.. :)

  5. Girl,Good to know you have visited the place. I had been there six month back and my last post is about belur only.

    Wondering if you dint take a right camera. Anyways good capture. All the very best. Keep exploring

  6. @Cottasofia,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    Oh Wow!!! Nice to meet another traveller!!! Welcome aboard!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and do visit often. I'd love your visits and comments.
    I went to Belur a few years back and I had taken a SLR film camera. I scanned the photos now and posted them and my scanner did a bad job!!! :(


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