2 Awards at a Go!!!

Once again it’s an award time and it’s dedicated to you all, my dear readers. I am happy to receive 2 prestigious awards from blogger friend Joseph and my dear sister Tharangini.

Lemme start with Joseph first. Joseph Pulikottil. He is a great blogger and a man on the move to be precise. Well, his blog is named Man on the Move. He’s a Keralite with a great love for his tradition and a Christian with lots of faith in God. He is a very good writer and a very good candid photographer. His coverage about certain festivals and local celebrations supported by heartwarming photos are stealers of your heart for sure. He is an ardent reader and I love it when he reads through the whole post and writes a long comment with his experiences and interpretations. Thank you Joseph Sir , it’s a great prestige to get this award from you. Thanks a lot.. :)

Tharang. Tharangini Subramanian. My sweet little cousin. Ok, not very little also. She’s doing her 11th grade and has great aims and dreams in life. My best wishes to her for all her dreams to come true. I cannot still trust that she’s already in her 11th grade. She used to be my little baby sweety. Now, she’s a young woman. She’s the one who came with me to Chulanur Peafowl Sanctuary – The elder girl to be precise. The younger little lady is her own little sis!!! :) This award is from her through facebook.com. Thanks Tharang!!!

Thanks you both of you. I am very glad to get these awards from you guys.


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  1. hai bushavali

    good and keep it up

    i wish you to get more awards ....


  2. Congrats dear...


  3. Hello,

    Many thanks for the glowing tributes you paid to my blog.I am thrilled and honored.In fact,I have grown two inches taller after reading your praise heaped on me.

    Wish you all the best,

  4. Congratulations. You deserve all the awards.

  5. Lovely blog you have here!



  6. @All,
    Thank you all so much!!! :)

    Thanks a lot for your award. Actually I've grown 2 inches longer by getting the tenth award!!! :)

    Thanks sweety. So I see that this is your first visit to my blog. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do visit often.. :)


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