A Present For Your Blog

I thank Bhavesh for this award. Ok. Rather, I’ll put it as my travelogue thanks Bhavesh for this award. Coz this is not for me but for my blog. Isn’t it Bhavesh?!!!

This person has this lovely blog called Information is Everything. It has his random thoughts, pictures he’d clicked, places he had been to, food he’d cherished, God’s he’d worshipped, some festivities, some interesting mail forwards too. It has everything he comes across, I guess.

And now I pass on this award to,

MridulaA professor from India who keeps travelling in India and blogging and clicking with a bit of UK too. And would you believe if I say she’s blogging since June 2005.???!!!

Ekanthapadhikan – A biker man from Kerala who goes wherever the road take him. A brand new yet a promising blog. And I actually like his name very much.

Ramesh – A Madrasi from (ofcourse) Madras aka Chennai, India now living in Dubai has his whole skeleton made of funny bone. He has a series of thought provoking stories which will tickle you for sure.

Prasanth – A Malayali in Delhi with an exquisite skill and great passion in Photography. His blog is a mix of Malayalam & Hindi.

Julie – A vivid photographer from Arizona who has this blog dedicated completely to her passion that’s photography. She’s doing a Halloween Series of clicks now…

My hearty thanks to Bhavesh for this award and congrats to others to who I pass it on.. Good day..


An ardent traveler by passion. I am a wanderlust.. Read more about me here.


  1. thank you Bhushavali,
    BTW I am a malayali in U.A.E and my blog is a mix of Malayalam & English , you can use translation option for Hindi or other langauges.

  2. nice gift... :)

    and good to know abt other interesting blogs thru ur post

  3. Very nice of you to present a gift to my blog. you are very thoughtful. I really like your banner photo. very creative. Thank you again and have a great rest of the week!

  4. hey friend..again i visited both yr blogs and am amazed by yr enthusiasm and abilities..hey come on..seriously yar..so lemmme wish u all the best in your life..i felt i am blessed with one more good friend..nanri nanri nanri...

  5. haan..mukiyamaga ungaludaiya tamil aaarvam..keep it up dear snegidi.

  6. Congrats.. its a very nice award..

  7. Hey Prasanth,
    K. I thought Delhi. Would edit it soon.

    U r welcome dear.

    Thank you. :)

    A little humble gift from an amateur blogger to a pro.. :)
    U r welcome dear. :)

  8. @Julie,
    U r welcome dear. :) Thank you so much for the appreaciation. :)

    Nandri Ramesh. Thanks for visiting my other blogs also. Do drop comments there as well. :)

    Thank you so much sweety. :)

    Thanks sweetheart :)

  9. Congrats! 8 awards in so little time, that's impressive!!!

  10. @GMG,
    Without your support and regular reading this would have been impossible. Thank you so much for making my blog alive... :)


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